Many entrepreneurs and small business owners don’t invest in marketing due to limited resources. They believe that their resources are not adequate to generate tangible results. To an extent, it is true. Over the years online advertising has become complicated. Search engine algorithm has become unpredictable, and Pay-per-click advertising requires sound strategy to deliver results. Despite intense competition, digital media is still the most preferred way to spread the word about products and services.

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The best thing about digital media is you can deliver great results without spending a lot of money on advertising if you understand the techniques well. In fact, a large budget doesn’t guarantee success in digital marketing. Even small players with a minuscule budget can do significantly better than those who spend a fortune on paid advertising.

Following are three efficient digital marketing techniques through which you can generate tons of traffic without burning your cash in paid advertising:

Focus on Actionable Content

Publish two to three blog posts a week. Write the content which is valuable to your audience. Content like tutorials, how-to, tips and techniques work well on the internet. Research your competitors and deliver better content than them. Remember that if the quality of content is not exceptional, nobody is going to read it. Thus, investing time on creating excellent content will be fruitful in the long term. Sharing personal experiences or revealing confidential information will also be useful in writing attractive blog posts and generating relevant inquiries.

Promote Content on Social Media Groups

Social media groups are one of the most underutilized ways to generate traffic and business. Take maximum advantage of it by joining relevant Facebook and LinkedIn groups. Participate actively in discussions. Post your content with suitable headline and description. You can promote an article in a group several times with different title and description. Share your content in as many relevant social groups as possible. However, don’t be overly promotional or spammer, else the group admins may ban you permanently. Use Facebook Live to broadcast your message to your groups.

Write Guest Posts

Find out top twenty blogs in your industry that accept guest posts. Show your interest by writing a short pitch to the site admins. Once your application is approved, write an article keeping their audience in mind. Share your personal experiences and write engaging articles in the first person. Link to your blog when needed. Do it for a few months, and you will see a surge in the traffic.

Build your Email List

Use a lead generation tool such as LeadPages or OptinMonster to convert more visitors into email subscribers. Use compelling call-to-action copy which users can’t ignore. Giveaway some freebies, provide discounts and offers to improve your conversion rate. Whenever you publish a new blog, send a blast to all your subscribers informing them about the new post. Over time, you will see a significant increase in the traffic.


There are several ways to generate traffic and lead without spending on paid advertising. You need to choose two to three channels and use it creatively to promote your offerings. A high quality of content will subsidize your promotional efforts. So spend significant time on creating excellent content. Be consistent, and you will see tangible results in the next few months.

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