As the digital landscape continues to evolve, consumer behavior increasingly requires brands to create a seamless omni-channel experience. Consumers regularly jump back and forth between the digital and physical realms and marketers are looking for innovative ways to create a holistic and unified brand experience.

Here are 3 brands that have been successful at bridging the divide and that have created an effortless customer experience across all of their channels:

UGG Australia: Bring In-Store Experience to Social Media 

UGG Australia encouraged more in-store visitors and increased online brand awareness by bringing its in-store experience to social media. In order to inspire more shoppers to visit its stores during the holiday season, UGG developed the “Feels Like Nothing Else” campaign. This social media campaign highlighted the comfort and luxury of UGG footwear by placing its own custom chairs in-store for customer photo-ops. The campaign launched in five different regions worldwide and shoppers enthusiastically submitted photos of their in-store experience. The #FeelsLikeNothingElse campaign increased foot traffic into UGG’s retail locations and increased holiday spend.

Coachella: Encourage Live Event Posting

Coachella does a fantastic job updating their social media pages throughout the year and has seen great success promoting their event live through social media. This year, it continued to take steps to bridge the digital and physical divide by issuing wristbands to each attendee that could be linked with their Facebook accounts. This allowed attendees to wave their bracelet at social check-in scanners placed at each stage, and it kept social activity high even in the midst of the festival. Coachella also set up numerous photo booths across the festival grounds to help attendees easily share photos of their festival experience online. Coachella incentivized users to post about the weekend by offering rewards and VIP passes for their submitted content.

Thomas and Friends: Connect Digital Experience to Physical Space

For the 70th anniversary of Thomas and Friends™ and the grand opening of the Thomas Land™ theme park in South Carver, MA—Thomas & Friends wanted to increase social awareness about its legacy of manufacturing high quality toys and the opening of its new amusement park. The goal was to improve omni-channel marketing experience and connect physical amusement park experience with social and digital experiences. Fischer-Price ran an international campaign asking customers to upload photos of their children and their Thomas and Friends™ toys. Winners of these photo campaigns were rewarded with tickets to Thomas Land. Fischer-Price was able to create a seamless omni-channel customer experience and enhance its online brand awareness.

Brands that are able to offer customers effortless channels that help them go between the digital and physical landscapes will have a greater chance at succeeding in the digital age. By prioritizing continuity and blending the experiential aspects of each space, brands can increase engagement and create a successful omni-channel experience for their customers.