Are Your Marketing Campaigns Leaking Leads?

Today’s buyers are know how to get access to the resources they need to research and make a purchase decision. This means marketers have to be extremely proactive in their marketing efforts, providing the resources and tools across each of the channels that buyers use to make their decisions.

Your Website Content Doesn’t Engage or Convert Visitors?
Your Email is Never Opened?
Your Visitors Don’t Convert on Your Landing Pages?

The Solution? Marketers need to ensure content is relevant to the individual at each and every touch point.

3 Tips to Capture Missed Opportunities Across Channels 


1. Create an Always Relevant Buyer Journey For Known Contacts

While you capture leads and drive brand awareness through display, remarketing and lead nurture programs, ensure your website is ALWAYS RELEVANT and ready to convert visitors with the call to action that is most likely to drive them further along in their buyer’s journey. Web personalization tools like Get Smart Content have data integrations that connect your advertising, lead nurturing campaigns and your website, allowing marketers to serve the most relevant content to each visitor at every stage of the buying process.

When visitors come to your website to research your solutions, content personalization automatically aligns your visitor’s web content experience with the ad campaign they clicked or email they previously received or web content they previously engaged with, creating an always relevant content experience that guides and converts leads along their buyer’s journey. This positive brand experience means visitors are less likely to bounce and are more likely to complete your calls to action, helping you maximizing return on investment in your marketing campaigns and drive more qualified MQLs to your sales team more quickly and efficiently.

2. Personalize the Web Experiences of Anonymous Visitors and Existing Customers

Using behavioral insights, we can now eliminate the anonymous visitor. Before a visitor ever completes a web form, utilize their digital body language data to connect them with content relevant to their audience segment or persona. By personalizing content based on a visitor’s geolocation, previous engagement, keyword searched, ad clicked, referring site, etc., you can better engage formerly anonymous visitors with content and CTAs that drives them to convert.

This doesn’t just stop anonymous prospects. Existing customers also present the opportunity to drive revenue. Use your website to serve personalized content to upsell or cross-sell existing customers based on the product the previously purchased.

3. Capture More Opportunities to Engage High-Value Target Accounts

Your sales team likely has a list of high-value target accounts with qualities and challenges similar to your existing customers. Rather than limiting your account based marketing to advertising and email, create personalized experiences on your website that ensure your content is extremely relevant and personalized to each of these target accounts, catching more opportunities to engage these high-value prospects across channels.

Each time a visitor on your target account list comes to your website, their content experience is always customized to their account and stage of the purchase process, increasing rate of conversion for high-value prospects.

Stop leaking leads and make always relevant marketing your new reality.

If your interested in creating an optimized cross channel experience that catches missed opportunities to convert visitors into leads, increases conversion rates and accelerates your sales cycle, we’d love to show you how Get Smart Content can work for you.