You spent countless nights and weekends developing a product or service you thought would benefit the masses. You are confident it’s something the world needs – but then you release your creation into the world and….crickets.

As a digital marketing consultant, I help people leverage video and blogging to magnify their brand, boost their credibility, and build a loyal community of buyers. A big portion of what I do is consult individuals and corporations on how clients can bridge the gap between themselves and their prospects through emotional experiences. I help brands communicate their WHY to the world to build deeper relationships with their consumers. During the initial consultation when I address some of the biggest challenges as it relates to the visibility of their brand, I find commonalities amongst some of my clients.

Here are the three biggest reasons why you might be struggling to get customers.

No one knows your product/service exists

You spent all that time in creation mode, but a limited effort in bringing your grand idea to market. Newsflash: No one can buy what you’re offering if they don’t know you exist. Shout it from the rooftops, send smoke signals, buy Facebook ads – just do something!

In a perfect world we could all be like Beyoncé, and release our product without any marketing or promotion, and the entire population would flock to buy. Remember when that happened? Epic.

Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world, and we aren’t Beyoncé. We need to put in a bit more effort to generate sales. If you don’t know where to start, consider investing in courses, coaches, or consultants that will educate you on how to effectively bring your product or service to market.

Focusing your energy on the wrong platforms

Understanding your demographics and psychographics are key when it comes to marketing. You need to frequent the social platforms, blogs, and events that are geared towards your ideal customers.

New business owners and entrepreneurs make the mistake of focusing on the platforms that are the most comfortable to them. It’s not about you! Step outside of your comfort zone and show up wherever your audience spends their time.

You’re not effectively communicating your value

Believe it or not, this is a challenge for many new and seasoned entrepreneurs. Some people are too emotionally invested in their own product or service, that it blinds them to the possibility that customers don’t find value in what you’re selling.

Have you defined your value proposition? Your value proposition is what makes you attractive in the marketplace. It’s a clear statement that’s relevant to your prospects, has a quantified value, and contains your unique differentiation.

As entrepreneurs, we’ve all been confronted with the challenge of who to market to, where to market, and how to position ourselves. In my FREE 5-Day Bootcamp, I’m sharing how to grow your influence and monetize your expertise. I’ve helped clients across multiple verticals utilize these strategies to become discoverable in the marketplace that resulted in a skyrocket of bottom line revenue dollars. So if you’re drowning in obscurity, focusing your energy on the wrong platforms, or not effectively communicating your value, click here to join the Bootcamp, and let’s get to work.

On this episode of Boom Pop @ 10 o’Clock, I elaborated on the reasons why customers may not be buying what you’re selling.

Boom Pop @ 10 O'Clock Episode 37: These are the biggest reasons why you don't have any customers! Let's fix that Sign up for my FREE 5-Day bootcamp to learn how to grow your influence and monetize your expertise in 5-days

Posted by Jamilah Corbitt on Monday, May 8, 2017