Landing pages are one of the most critical assets on your website. Their primary purpose is to turn your website visitors into qualified leads and sales. Knowing how to create stunning landing pages that convert will help you turn prospects into paying customers and get ahead of your competitors.

So in this post, I’ll show you three easy ways to create stunning landing pages. I’ll also cover the difference between a website and a landing page and how to make them convert like hotcakes.

Alright, let’s get started.

Difference Between a Website vs. Landing Page

The difference between a website and a landing page is that the website contains more information about the company and its products or services. In contrast, the landing page focuses on a single campaign.

The landing page is often a simple page with fewer distractions to get visitors to take action. It is designed to target specific keywords and attract a particular audience.

Typically, the landing page aims to collect email addresses, get more newsletter subscribers, get people to watch a webinar, download an eBook, etc.

What Should A Landing Page Include?

Not only do you want your landing page to be eye-catching, but you also want it to convert. According to Search Engine Land, the average landing page conversion rate is 2.35%. However, the top 10% of landing pages have a much higher conversion rate, 11.45% on average.

That’s what we want to achieve, and the secret to creating highly converting landing pages is to include:

  • A compelling headline that grabs attention: Come up with a headline that immediately makes visitors want to know more about your offer.
  • Address your visitors’ pain points in the text copy: Let them know how your product or service can solve their problems. Make your text copy clear and easy to read.
  • A lead capture form: Use a simple lead capture form that’s not asking too many questions. You don’t want to give your visitors a way out before even seeing your offer.
  • A specific call to action button (CTA): Don’t use a generic button that says “Learn more.” Instead, make it distinct and actionable, like “Download our free eBook” or “Get your 10% discount”.
  • Leverage customer reviews: If you have reviews from customers, you should use them to show prospects the value of your offer.
  • Include a disclaimer: Don’t forget to reassure your visitors that their personal information will be secure by adding a privacy policy.

If you consider these factors when creating your landing page, your visitors will most likely feel eager to leave you their information in exchange for your offer.

Now, let’s take a look at three easy ways to create stunning landing pages so you can start collecting more qualified leads for your business.

1. Google Sites

Google Sites is one of Google’s best products, even though it is still less known. Google’s top priority is the user experience, so they’ve ensured that their page builder tool is easy to use for all users.

It offers a few themes you can choose from depending on the goal of your lander. And when pressing the “+” sign, all of the customization options will show up on the right side of the screen.

You can choose from different widgets and features like buttons, tables of content, calendars, maps, and more. It’s all there to help you to create a nice-looking landing page in a heartbeat.

2. SeedProd

SeedProd is a powerful and easy-to-use page builder. It comes with many high-converting landing page templates and a drag and drop builder.

The templates make the design process straightforward, and you can focus on creating your offer instead of technical aspects. Simply drag conversion-focused blocks like email opt-in forms or countdown timers and drop them in place.

You can create a stunning landing page in just minutes with pre-designed smart sections like headers and call-to-action buttons. It also lets you integrate with your email provider and track your subscribers.

3. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is used mainly for email marketing, but you can create capable landing pages with it as well.

It offers ten different themes to choose from that are designed to grow your email list, generate more leads, promote your products, or accept payments.

The page builder uses blocks that you can drag and drop to reposition and add features, like signup forms, images, buttons, etc. It’s easy to use and a good option if you’re already using it for your email campaigns.

Over to You

So, there you have three easy ways to create stunning landing pages. Making an offer that’s impossible to resist together with an eye-catching design will get you those sweet leads and sales. Don’t forget to do your keyword research before you start so you know what audience to target.