In today’s business world, competition is rising. Producing online marketing videos is one way to get a leg up on other businesses, but there are a few things to remember before you get started:

1 – The most frequently searched videos are “how-to” videos. These show the viewer how to perform some particular action. When you make a video tutorial, users searching for related information will find your video, and your viewer base will reflect your niche market.

2 – Have a visible, working link. Whether it’s embedded in the video player or in the description box below, a working link will take viewers to your website where you can better control the action, such as consumer purchases.

3 – Get others involved; take into consideration the opinions of your team members. It’s important for your video to come off as pleasant and professional, and that means only hiring the best people for the job.

4 – Though not recommended, it is possible to develop quality videos on your own. It may require a lot of trial and error, but if you pull it off you could give your video a really personal and natural feel.

5 – Decide what kind of tone you want your videos to exhibit and stick with it. Though “how-to” videos are most popular, they are not required for a great following. Humor can often work even better. Make sure you get to know your audience so you can better cater your videos to their liking.

6 – Bring your camera to professional events. There may possibly be experts willing to be interviewed and you can better document your experience.

7 – Be sure to reach out to your customers. If you ask questions they will answer and give you valuable feedback for your video or company.

8 – Coming across as honest gets you more viewers. People naturally like those who are sincere and will enjoy your video and be more likely to return to watch more.

9 – Share your videos. There’s no use making a video if you’re not going to help people see it. Whenever you have a new video, post about it on your blog or website.

10 – Provide excellent content. You don’t have to have all the fanciest equipment to produce a great video people will love, as long as the content is meaningful to viewers, they’ll want more.

11 – Allow viewers to comment on your videos, and make sure to respond quickly to both positive and negative responses. Always monitor your comments section.

12 – If you’re not into the traditional video formal, consider doing a podcast. With podcasts you will better be able to reach a larger audience and can potentially charge a small fee to listen to your best talks.

13 – A few ways to get viewers is to relate your video to interesting news or amusing them with a demonstration. Using video hosting sites can boost traffic, but a boring video will quickly disintegrate any audience you may have. People crave entertainment, and the best way to build an online community is to make videos that interest people.

14 – Use humor. As stated above, nobody watches boring videos, and everyone yawns during an infomercial. Funny, colorful videos are the ones that catch a viewer’s attention. Be creative, be different, and you will create a memorable advertisement that people will want to share with their friends.

15 – Make use of online video analytics tools. It is very important to track viewers, viewing time and location. This kind of information is useful in figuring out your target audience.

16 – If you have a generous budget for your marketing video, consider paying to upload your videos on popular sites in your niche. But don’t use just any service that may place your videos on unrelated sites or as pop-ups, use statistics and surveys to see what sites your audience actually visits.

17 – Try wrapping up your marketing videos with a question, this will encourage viewers to interact and will also leave a lasting impression of your company.

18 – If you receive a lot of a particular question or concern from your community, try answering it in a video. FAQs are common in text form, but videos are more interactive and your audience may appreciate a different format for finding their answer.

19 – Take your follower’s comments personally. Don’t forget that the main purpose of your videos is to attract more viewers, and you won’t be able to do that if people think you don’t care about them. Besides, if your viewers aren’t enjoying your video, wouldn’t you want to change it? Listening to your follower’s opinions makes them feel as if they are important to you and your company, and may become lifelong patrons.

20 – Let your audience know if there is another video coming. If you use the phrases “stay tuned” or “coming up next” you are sure to get repeat viewers. Keep related videos together to make it easier on your viewers.

21 – While it is usually best practice to keep your videos short, if you’re well enough established, creating longer videos can take your followers deeper into certain topics. Be careful with longer videos – they need to be more technical and informational for viewers to appreciate them.

22 – Having a professional online presence is a great benefit to your video marketing campaign. Make sure you have a solid plan of action before you start working on your video, and keep it sincere so that you and your company keep a good reputation.

23 – Promote your videos. Just producing a marketing video and putting it out there is not enough. Promoting your videos increases click-throughs, and will better the chance that consumers see your content.

Creating a video marketing campaign for your business is a great step toward larger success, but there is more work ahead. Keeping these tips in mind when producing and publishing your video can help give your company’s online presence the boost it deserves.

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