Competition for real estate within search engine results is fierce. Search engines are where most consumers and business go first to research products and services they are looking to purchase. It can be difficult and time consuming to earn top organic rankings, and in many cases it’s impossible due to the competition. That’s why so many marketing teams turn to PPC advertising to supplement their lead generation – it’s an instant way to gain top position in the SERPs and drive leads.

However, many sales and marketing executives will agree that the leads PPC generate are often poor quality or difficult to close. And 61% of B2B marketers say generating high-quality leads is the biggest challenge they face in regards to lead generation (B2B Technology Marketing Community). Below are two strategies that will guarantee you drive high quality leads from PPC.

Focus Your PPC Strategy on Mobile and Optimize for Calls

According to a study by Marin, mobile devices will drive 50% of all paid search clicks by the end of 2015. Focusing your PPC strategy on converting mobile visitors is key to generating high quality leads, and this means considering the easiest path to conversion for mobile visitors.

Since 70% of mobile searchers will call a business directly from Google Search, it’s important to optimize your ads and landing pages to drive calls . Below are a few ways to optimize your PPC campaigns to drive mobile conversions:

  • Ensure the landing pages you drive PPC clicks to are optimized for mobile (responsive or mobile-friendly pages)
  • Take advantage of campaign extensions – in particular Google call extensions, which drive hundreds of millions of calls each month to businesses
  • Phone leads convert to revenue 10x more than form submissions, so tracking the calls your PPC campaigns generate is key to closed-loop attribution – ensure leads and revenue from the calls your PPC generates are attributed accurately using call tracking software

Implement Hyper-Focused Location Targeting at the Campaign Level

Location, location, location. Perhaps campaign-level location targeting is part of a bigger account-based marketing strategy, but effective PPC advertising is all about knowing who your audience is and where they are searching from.

Too broad of targeting will bring in more clicks and spend more budget without necessarily bringing in high quality leads. But if you build out campaigns that are hyper-focused on the locations that you know your audience is searching from, you are more likely to generate high-quality leads. Here are few ways to accomplish this:

  • Know the target segments and verticals for your industry and company
  • Research specific companies within your verticals and pull together a list of their specific locations
  • Build campaigns using the advanced location targeting feature Radius Targeting within AdWords to display your PPC ads directly to the companies you want to target

To learn more strategies for driving leads and revenue from paid search watch this on-demand webinar now: Paid Search and Mobile Click-to-Call: New Strategies to Drive Calls and Sales.