Too many tasks within too little time

It’s what digital marketing agencies have to deal with daily. Whether it’s fine-tuning a client’s email marketing campaign, growing another’s social media following, or digging through data.

It then becomes crucial to have tools for digital marketing to help you reach goals, deal with challenges, and save time and money.

But there’s a huge number of tools out there to choose from; how do you know which one will work best and which one will deliver as expected?

This post examines tools that digital marketing agencies can use and how they can help you solve your challenges.

Read on.

1. Project Planning and Management Tool

Project management tools help you set clear goals for each project, collaborate with clients, assign tasks to teams, and get a 360-degree view of all your timelines.

And in this category, Workamajig is an excellent option.

It offers various features for agencies, including opportunity tracking, time tracking, client billing, resource scheduling, client collaboration, reporting, etc.

2. Creative and Design Tool

Your agency needs creative and good-looking images to include in your clients’ social posts, blog content, infographics, etc.

A handy tool here would be Crello, which wins with its impressive and free graphic designs. It has thousands of professional templates and an easy-to-use editor to customize images to your liking.

The tool also enables you to convert rich media files and videos into animated GIFs.

3. Social Media Marketing Tool

When you’re running a digital marketing agency, you need to handle the social media accounts of multiple clients. That’s why it helps to have social tools that can make the process of publishing and managing multiple accounts easier.

And what’s the best tool for social management or automation?


With it, you can put an end to confusing email threads, spreadsheets, and tools. It helps you organize all of your clients, so your team can work smarter while delivering top-notch results to clients.

But what other features does Sendible offer agencies?

  • A built-in content library to organize clients’ content and make it easily accessible to teams
  • Integrations with Google Drive, Canva, and Dropbox
  • An interactive calendar to schedule and re-organize posts for every client
  • Seamless collaboration with clients and team members
  • Pre-designed templates to create client reports in minutes

4. Video Marketing Tool

The video marketing field has become highly competitive over time as more brands seek to use videos for their marketing campaigns.

And for this reason, your agency needs to create quality videos that make your clients stand out.

But which is the best video tool for this?

Hippo Video is one of the best video tools for digital marketing agencies. With it, you can create videos using your webcam and screen capture or create them from images. This video editing software also allows you to send videos out as landing pages.

However, tools have their own limitations. Unless the tool provides you with complete control over your videos, you can’t design the best videos possible.

Also, with the high demand for videos and an insistence on quality from clients, it’s wise to hire professional video creators or agencies like Americanoize instead of using tools. This way, you can produce quality stellar video content that pleases the client and drives conversions.

But why?

They are experts at producing visually stunning and emotionally compelling videos in any genre. As a result, they’ll be able to create custom videos for you that can instantly get the attention of your audience.

5. Client Communication Tool

It’s essential to keep clients informed on campaign progress by communicating with them, either using face-to-face meetings, file sharing, collaboration, messaging, etc.

And what’s the best tool for this?

Slack is one of the finest tools for digital marketing agencies in this case. With it, you can add clients to shared channels with respective teams for easy collaboration, to get instant feedback, or to message them.

Slack also allows you to call clients. However, if you need to share your screen with clients, or record for future reference, use Zoom or Google Meet.

6. Email Marketing Tool

For email marketing, you need a software solution that functions as an excellent campaign creation tool and must help you track emails too. This way, you can not only create engaging emails but also track whether recipients open emails, when they open them, and whether they act on your calls-to-action (CTAs).

But which email marketing tool can offer all this?

Campaign Monitor is one such tool. It’s one of the best tools for digital marketing when you want to manage email campaigns for multiple clients and track performance.

And the best part?

Their agency option offers features including:

  • The ability to toggle between your various clients while also viewing their campaigns and billing
  • Easy customizing of each client’s permissions and quick onboarding
  • Drag-and-drop email builder
  • Robust A/B testing, reporting, and analytics

7. Content Creation and Marketing Tools

Every digital marketing agency also needs tools for creating content, managing ads, or tracking performance. These are tools that help you with keyword research, editing, scheduling, publishing, and analysis.

They include:

Google Keyword Planner and Keyword Tool: These tools help you find the right keywords to use in your content and ads. You can also see their competition, their search volume, and cost per click.

AdEspresso: Helps you manage and track your ad campaigns from one dashboard.

Moz: A search engine optimization (SEO) tool that helps you with the all-around improvement of your website’s SEO.

Google Analytics and Google Search Console: Help you understand client website analytics and performance metrics. They also help you sort keywords and identify traffic opportunities.

Grammarly: Helps you ensure that client content is error-free, engaging, and readable.

Copyscape: Let’s you check the originality of the content that you’ve written before publishing it.

BuzzSumo: Helps you curate content, track brand mentions, identify top influencers, and monitor content performance.

Semrush: Analyzes clients’ data and offers recommendations on content marketing, advertising, SEO, and social media marketing to help you improve their online visibility.

8. Proposal Software

Pricing competition wars exist in the agency world. And for this reason, you need a tool that allows you to create professional proposals that clearly define your value proposition.

And what’s the best tool for creating proposals?

PandaDoc is one such tool that can help you simplify and accelerate your deal cycle. With it, you can easily create proposals, quotes, and contracts. It also saves you time with eSignatures and easy payment collection after a client signs your document.

Choose the Best Tools for Your Digital Agency

From helping you create beautiful proposals to managing your clients’ campaigns, these tools for digital marketing can make your agency stand out.

They can save you time and money while also enabling you to exceed client expectations.

Need any help choosing the best tools for your digital marketing agency? Get in touch, and you can get customized advice on which tools suit your brand best.