Most entrepreneurs realize the importance of getting their target audience to their website. It is your ‘storefront’ on the internet and may be the first impression others see you. However, many business people don’t know how to get their website in front of the right viewers. Start with these tips to increase your website’s traffic. I’ve included links to more information on several of these if you want to learn more.

  1. Study Keywords – You need to understand as much as possible about keywords. It can make all the difference to not only how much traffic you get, but to whether they stick around to consume your content or not.
  2. Start a Message Board – You can use various systems like to start a free message board that can be used to build a community that will want to come to your website.
  3. Join Someone Else’s Message Board – If you join someone else’s message board and participate in the community by asking questions, answering questions, and commenting, when relevant, you’ll get more traffic. Let your bio and signature speak for you, overtly selling on someone else’s message board is not cool.
  4. Start a Facebook Group – A free way to start a group is with Facebook Groups. Make it open to the public, share all your blog posts to it, plus ask questions, answer questions and comment on other people’s discussions.
  5. Join Someone Else’s Facebook Group – Many groups cater to your ideal audience. Join them and become an important part of the community. Never promote without permission in someone else’s groups.
  6. Start a LinkedIn Group – You can also start a free group on LinkedIn. If you take the time to create a great description, people are more likely to join. Make sure to share content regularly that links back to your website.
  7. Join Someone Else’s LinkedIn Group – Search for LinkedIn groups that interest your target audience. Join one or two at a time. Participate in the groups for a few weeks or months. Leave the groups that don’t suit your needs.
  8. Build Your Email List – When you have your readers and website visitors on your email list, you can invite them back to your site when you post a new blog or have a special offer.
  9. Use Email Marketing – Use your email to market your website to others, a good way to do this is by adding the right email signature.
  10. Join HARO – This is a handy website called Help a Reporter Out, that helps you find and become a source for journalists and other media outlets.
  11. Guest Blog – Find influential places that accept guest blog posts. Follow their guidelines for guest blogging and create a post exclusively for them. Include a topic related bio to help you build your reputation and get click-throughs.
  12. Start a ChannelYouTube is a fabulous traffic generator if you edit your video to include your URL, and include it in the description and even as a linkable comment. Note: include a verbal CTA(call to action) as well.

How many of these are you doing and where can you do more? Are you familiar with these tactics? Bookmark us to come back for more tips next week.