Considering the amount of time the average American spends on their phone, it’s no surprise SMS marketing is the most powerful way to communicate with Prospects, Customers and VIPs!

Companies in every kind of industry use SMS messages (AKA: texting) to tell consumers about their latest updates, news, deals, discounts, product releases, and more.

CTAs are Critical in Text Message Marketing

Maybe you have a bit of experience with sending SMS messages yourself… but you haven’t been getting the SMS results you hoped for.

If so, it’s time to take a look at your Customer and the CTAs (Calls to action) you are using!

Often times, it’s the CTA on an SMS message that will make or break the success of your campaign! Keep reading for the powerful CTA ideas…

10 Powerful CTAs You Must Use!

If you want to turn your text subscribers attention into action, then test out these calls to action.

1. Click Here to Discover More

A simple click can turn into so much more. All it takes is one link to lead your audience from their phone’s sms messaging system to your website.

But, you have to make sure you send them to the right spot!

Don’t just take users to your homepage. Show them something they may not have seen before – like a new payment feature in the app or a brand-new product that’s available on the website. Maybe lead them to fresh content like a new blog post or podcast, or video.

Share the link and tell them to “Click Here to Discover More!”

Now here’s another great CTA…

2. Reply with (___)

If you’ve been doing a lot of “click here” in your SMS campaigns, it’s time to switch it up.

Tell users to reply to your message instead. This is a great way to get the conversation going with your audience and to gather their feedback.

Two ways this can work…

First you can ask them a question or for their opinion. this often times will generate a bunch of responses and engage people in a conversation.

The other thing you can do is set up a keyword… and ask people to reply with the keyword. For example if you launched a new product, you can text everyone with some info say “Reply with NEW” to get more details. Set your system up so people who respond with “New” are added to a new list where you can drip them targeted info about your new product.

Now, here’s a great CTA for selling product…

3. Enter (___) at Checkout

For text message campaigns that are all about the sale, include a discount to entice your audience even more. Give them a special code to use at checkout for free shipping or a discount off their purchase price.

Just make sure you are explicit about your terms and conditions, though. You don’t want to give users an expectation that they have 20% off their entire order just for them to realize it was in fact 20% off one item.

Another great feature of this call to action is you’ll see how many of your texting subscribers use the special code!

Here’s a Hot Tip… Make sure your offer has an expiration date in the text… you don’t want people trying to use your discount code 10 years from now!

Up next is a Powerful CTA that isn’t used very often…

4. Show This Text

What if you own a brick and mortar location, like a restaurant or small boutique? If web purchases aren’t yet available for your business, tell users to show their text messages when they order… or get to the counter.

This way, they can still feel special, and you can still drive sales.

There’s no reason you can’t use SMS messaging as a brick and mortar business, you just have to get creative about how to make it work for you!

Now here’s another great CTA…

5. Go to (___)

Sometimes, brick and mortar businesses and online companies alike will partner with other organizations. They may be hosting a special event or sponsoring a charitable cause and want to get as much of a turn out as possible.

If you find yourself in this situation, tell your SMS recipients about the upcoming event!

Send a text to them a week or two before the event happens then send a couple more reminders as it gets closer to the big event.

This doesn’t guarantee that everyone on your text messaging list will show up, but it does help get more foot traffic than other forms of messaging.

ANOTHER HOT TIP: Add a link to a google map in your text message so people know exactly where to go!

Now, I love this next CTA and use it all the time…

6. Subscribe for Free Today

Another smart SMS CTA to use is a subscription command! This can do wonders for your digital marketing strategies and your overall success as a business, too.

When users subscribe to your texting list or email newsletters or blog, they’re helping you expand your digital footprint. Every inbox that your content goes to is another link placement that leads back to you.

Plus, this is a chance to show off more of your brand.

Users are bound to open the emails you send them and read the posts you write. Even if they don’t pay attention every single time… remember the old marketing saying “Repetition is Reputation!” The more Clients see your content, the more they engage, and build a deeper relationship.

It’s a great way to increase brand loyalty!

Now I haven’t seen this next CTA used too much, but it’s a powerful one…

7. Check Your Progress at (___)

Keep in mind that conversions aren’t a one-time thing.

You have to keep users coming back if you truly want your business to grow. Part of this means helping them understand what they’re getting out of your product.

Say you own a gym or have a nutrition line. Maybe you just launched a personal finance app or you’re passionate about helping consumers reach their goals.

These are all things that people have to track.

You can engage with them by simply reminding them to track their progress. For example, I know one sandwich shop sends me a reminder of how many more times i need to stop in before I get my “Next Sandwich Free“! You can bet I pay attention to that text!

Reminding users of their buying journey is a powerful way to ensure they stay engaged!

Now here’s another call to action along those same lines…

8. Earn More with (___)

Some goals are financial – like giveback apps, crowdfunding systems, and loyalty programs. If your business is involved with any of these, tell your customers how they can make the most of what they’re earning.

This is a nice alternative to a checkout discount.

Instead of making people buy something – even if it is for less – find ways to show them how to utilize what they already have.

Two more CTAs to try…

9. This Offer Ends Soon

It’s always good to add a bit of urgency to a CTA.

Sometimes, all you need to make your text message hit home is to tell users it won’t be around forever. Give them a deadline for when the offer you’re promoting runs out.

The smaller their window is to act, the better.

This spikes the sense of urgency even more and makes them want to act right away.

This is really powerful for sales events, or free giveaways… or just simply getting people to act!

Now for the last CTA today…

10. Join Today

The final CTA worth sharing with your audience is “join today”.

This is particularly effective for businesses that are about to open but haven’t yet, or that are still getting the word out about their new business.

“Joining” could mean anything. It can apply to a new gym in town or a loyalty program that your restaurant or coffee shop just rolled out.

It also works for startup firms who are trying to create a movement in their industry. You can also use it for newsletters, clubs, or facebook groups!

The possibilities for this CTA are endless if you know how to spin it right.

Use these SMS CTAs Today

It’s one thing to read about effective SMS CTAs in theory and another to see the results they can drive for your business. Go through this list one more time and pick out the Calls-to-action that offer the most potential for your SMS campaigns… then use them!

Today’s article should give you some great ideas on how to use CTAs to drive customer engagement. To learn more about getting started with business texting, or to learn how to promote your small business check out our special report… “The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Marketing.”

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