Typography has become the focus of many modern designs. The ability to convey emotion and ideas through text doesn’t just depend on what the text says – it depends on how the text looks.


Choosing the right font for the message can determine the success of a campaign that relies heavily on graphics, from branding to email marketing.

Unfortunately, not every business has the budget to buy a large collection of boutique fonts. That’s why we’ve put together a list of ten of our favorite free fonts, including everything from sans serifs to brush scripts.

Museo Slab


This modern slab serif has a friendliness to it – borrowed from its cousin font, Museo. A very versatile font, Museo Slab can be effective for both headings and long-form text. The clean, accessible typeface comes to us from Jos Buivenga.

Wisdom Script


Wisdom Script is a geometric script that has been popular since its release in 2011. An eye catching typeface for headings, you’ve likely seen this font on advertisements before. Courtesy of designer James T. Edmondson, you can get this hot script for free.




This simple, contemporary sans serif is perfect in a variety of settings. The clean lines make it a good choice for long-form text, and the ultra bold and black versions of the font transform it into a modern heading. Thanks to creator Graham Meade, you can snag this typeface free of charge.



This bold, industrial sans serif consists of all uppercase letters, making it an ideal choice for branding and headings. The strong typeface also comes with an alternate version that includes shadows on the letters. Download the font for free, courtesy of designer Steven Bonner.




Brusher is a brush script with smooth, flowing lines. This bold typeface is perfect for adding a modern handwritten look to any graphic. Ideal for visuals including quotes, or fun, prominent headings, get this beautiful typeface au gratis thanks to Vlad Cristea.

Abraham Lincoln


If you need a condensed serif, Abraham Lincoln should be your go-to. This classy, modern font is inspired by the 16th President of the U.S. and 1880s advertisements. A particularly useful typeface for long-form, printed text, Abraham Lincoln can be handy for headings on web visuals as well. Designer Frances Macleod has made this sturdy font available for free.



This hand-drawn brush script is perfect for adding a natural feel to any design. Ideal for nature-inspired graphics, Debby really shines when used for headings or short phrases. Useful for social shareables, this wild typeface comes to us courtesy of Free Design Resources.



Another font brought to us by designer James T. Edmonson, Edmondsans is a modern sans serif designed for headings. While this clean, friendly typeface does excel for headings, it can also be very useful for long-form text. Head over to the Lost Type Co-Op to grab this font for free.



This graceful script with a throwback feel can add a touch of vintage elegance to any design. Eastside is best suited for headings and branding, but can also be useful for short phrases. With two styles, regular and textured, this is one of the most versatile scripts out there. It’s yours for free, thanks to designer Simon Walker.

Go Bold


Go Bold is the font to use when you’re looking to make clean, bold statement. This sans serif features thick lines and tall letter height, making it especially eye catching for headings or quotes. This typeface comes in a variety of weights, making branding a breeze. Download this must-have font for free, courtesy of Situjuh Nazara.

Now that you have some new ideas for fonts, go forth and design, confident that you have a font that isn’t outdated or kitschy.