Thanks to online tools that make it easier than ever for remote teams to communicate and work together, recruiting remote workers is quickly becoming a popular option.

More and more research is showing there are unique benefits to working with remote employees:

  • Remote workers are 9.5 % more productive than office employees
  • Offering remote work options reduces employee turnover by more than 50%
  • Nearly 60% of employers say hiring remote workers brings significant cost savings

If you’re thinking about hiring remote workers for your digital marketing needs, here are my top 10 recommendations for places to find them.

1. Outsourcely

Outsourcely is a platform specifically designed to help you find and hire remote workers. The community has members with a wide range of skills that can be helpful for your digital marketing campaigns.



Post your first job for free, or search their pool of workers to find the best fit for your needs. Start using all the advanced features (like live video interviews, real time messaging, and document sharing) by signing up for one of their business packages.

2. We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely is an old-school job board where you can find copywriters, programmers, designers, and more. The only rule is that they can work from anywhere.

You can post a job for 30 days for $200. Create a simple ad describing the job and your company, then you’re ready to go.

3. Twitter

Referrals remain the number-one way to get hired, and Twitter has become a great way to make those connections.

Say you need a social media manager for your marketing campaign. Simply tweeting out to your network asking for recommendations from others can get you some prospects.

And since most online professionals include their job skills in their Twitter description, you can likely find the kind of workers you need with Twitter searches.

4. Remote.Co

Remote.Co is a platform that offers resources for companies looking for remote employees, including recruitment, training, and management.

They also have a job board where you can highlight your remote positions for developers, customer service positions, and other jobs. Post a job for 30 days for $179.


5. DistantJob

DistantJob is a remote placement agency that will do the legwork of finding a remote employee for you. Just send them your job description – they’ll find potential workers for you, then you can compare, interview, and hire the best one.

DistantJob is more focused than a regular outsourcing service, using an exclusive IT recruiter who vets potential workers for you.

6. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is all about professional networking, and that includes connecting you with remote workers.

You can search for and reach out to potential candidates on the platform, or post a remote job listing that will appear in LinkedIn search.

There are also plenty of LinkedIn groups for remote contractors where you can search for candidates.

7. Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is an online community for programmers, but they also have an awesome job board to promote your positions to the 4.7 million developers on the site.

If you want to do a custom website design or create dynamic content, you can find a remote worker at Stack Overflow who meets your needs.

Here’s the really cool part: they have a targeting engine, so you your job listing appears for the most relevant developers.


To make use of these features and find the best remote worker for your digital marketing campaigns, you’ll need a subscription. Stack Overflow offers 90-day, six-month, and annual subscription options.

8. Indeed

Your digital marketing campaigns need all sorts of talent, and Indeed can help you find them. It’s the number-one job site in the world – and a great place to connect with remote workers.

You can use your Indeed account to post jobs, review applications, and schedule interviews. You can also search resumes to find the perfect fit, or sponsor your job posting to get a new hire faster.

9. Facebook

Like on Twitter, with Facebook you can reach out to your network or use the search feature to find the remote workers you need. But for your most important job roles, you might consider using targeted advertisements.


In my work with clients, I’ve found that Facebook advertising offers an amazing amount of information on demographics, interests, and behaviors. You can use these to target job ads toward your ideal workers.

A small investment in an advertising campaign might be worth it to find your dream remote employee.

10. ProBlogger

When it comes to finding the best content creator for your blog, you can’t go wrong with the ProBlogger job board.

Most of the writing jobs published on this site get hundreds of applications. That might sound overwhelming, but it’s actually to your benefit. You’ll have a lot of options to choose from and can find a writer with the right experience in your niche, for the right price.

Know of any other great places to find remote workers for your digital marketing campaigns? Comment below:

Images: Outsourcely, Remote.Co, Stack Overflow, Facebook

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