Are you on the hunt for the best trucker dating app? Whether you’re a trucker looking to find that special someone, or you’re looking to meet a trucker, we live in the golden age of digital dating. You can find your future other half in all kinds of places online.

But which ones are the best? Is there a trucker dating site out there that ticks all of your boxes? The good news is that the answer to that question is “yes”. Life on the road can be challenging, especially when it comes to finding love. Put yourself out there, and let us guide you through some of the best dating apps and sites the internet has to offer.

The 10 Dating Sites For Truck Drivers In 2023 

As a trucker, a dating app may feel like a losing battle at times. You need a site that understands the fact that when truckers are dating, there are certain obstacles such as constant travel. You’ll have someone waiting for you back home quicker than you can say, “ten-four”.

  1. – Truckers Can Date a Younger Lady, Too
  2. Secret Benefits – Share the Sugar Around
  3. Ashley Madison – Let the Taken Ones Meet a Trucker Driver
  4. SugarDaddyMeet – Keep Them Sweet
  5. CougarLife – Looking For a Little… Experience?
  6. eHarmony – One of the Most Popular Truck Driver Dating Sites
  7. Tinder – For a Trucker, a Hook-Up Can Sometimes Be the Best
  8. Bumble – Let the Woman Do the Work
  9. OKCupid – It Doesn’t Need to Be Valentine’s Day
  10. Hinge – The Trucker Dating App They Want You to Delete

Reviewing The Best Trucker Dating Apps And Sites

So, truckers, which dating site should you opt for? Are looking for the one you can spend the rest of your life with? Maybe you’re just looking for some, let’s say, “companionship”. Whatever it is your soul desires, you’ll be able to find it in this list. Both love and lust are both covered here – and everything in between.

1. – Truckers Can Date A Younger Lady, Too

Although life as a trucker can be challenging at times, there are benefits, too. Trucker salaries tend to be on the healthier side, and as we all know, a respectable bank balance is up there as one of the most attractive traits.

As a result, there’ll never be a shortage of beautiful ladies looking to cozy up to you. provides them with a great platform to do just that. They may not know they want to meet a trucker, but they’ll soon become aware of the unknown desire once they come across your profile. dating site

If you want to be more proactive in your search for a sugar baby, the site lets you narrow down the parameters by age and location. So whether you’re looking for someone during a stint at home, or you’d rather have someone ready and waiting for you across the country, both options are possible. homepage

If that’s not enough for you, it won’t cost you anything to join the site. However, certain features like messaging other users and viewing some of their content require you to buy a credit package from the platform.

SugarDaddy,com also reassures its users that it has measures in place to review each new profile. So, if you’re worried about getting catfished, you can rest easy.


  • Customizable search parameters
  • A huge number of current members
  • Free to sign up


  • Certain features require the purchase of credits
Free? Yes, for women
Paid Options? Yes, credit-based
Verified Profiles? Yes, not compulsory

2. Secret Benefits – Share The Sugar Around

For truck drivers, it can help if your dating app is discreet. If you’re all over the country, the chances are you’ll meet a lot of people. That’s why Secret Benefits is the of the best dating sites for a trucker. Although it’s primarily one of many sugar daddy sites, you may not want your romantic life made public.

Secret Benefits app

Secret Benefits lives up to its name by keeping what you get up to on the site under wraps. Whilst traditionally a sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship isn’t a search for a serious partner, love is spontaneous and you can’t always see it coming. Don’t count Secret Benefits out if you’re looking for romance – it can surprise you almost anywhere.

Secret benefits dating site

It’s free to join the site, but you will need to purchase credits to view other users’ secret photos. Credits are also needed to use the DM feature on the platform.

Secret Benefits is another site that cares about not wasting the valuable time of a truck driver. The dating app pays attention to new profiles and reviews them before they go live. Some may even need verification to make sure the person is who they say they are.


  • Profiles are reviewed for authenticity
  • No sign-up fee
  • Sugar daddies welcome


  • Some paid features
Free? Yes, limited
Paid Options? Yes, credit-based
Verified Profiles? Yes, not compulsory

3. Ashley Madison – Let The Taken Ones Meet A Truck Driver

For a trucker, a hook-up may be all you have the time for. Ashley Madison is there for people looking for exciting, extra-marital relations. If you like your rendezvous with a little added spice, then this is really one of the best trucker dating app for you.

By its very nature, the site is less likely to lead to a long-term romantic relationship. But that doesn’t mean it can’t happen at all. Even if it doesn’t, the users on the site probably aren’t initially looking for that kind of thing. Besides, many of them are already in relationships.

Ashley Madison

If you’re only in town for a night or two, and you thrive on navigating taboos, then there aren’t many dating sites for truckers that fit the bill so perfectly. The profile verification process is strict, but the users on the site can still opt to keep their profile pictures private. You can guess why, right?

Ashley Madison

Women have the privilege of using Ashley Madison for free, with men needing to spend credits to reach out to their potential future dates. Purchase enough credits, and you’ll separate yourself from other male users by achieving “priority status”.

In other words, flaunt the cash and you’ll stand more of a chance of standing out.


  • Friendly to those seeking a hook-up
  • Verified users
  • Great for those seeking taboo excitement


  • Spend-based hierarchy
Free? No
Paid Options? Yes, credit-based
Verified Profiles? Yes, not compulsory

4. SugarDaddyMeet – Keep Them Sweet

Dating sites for truckers can often have a tendency to accommodate the lifestyle of never staying anywhere too long. This part of the lifestyle can mean finding a relationship with any real depth can be a real challenge. That’s why being a sugar daddy can be a great alternative.

SugarDaddyMeet gives you a great platform to start a relationship in this arena. There’s a reason it’s a popular truck driver dating app. A partner in a traditional relationship may not be willing to tolerate your need to constantly be on the road.

However, you can shower a sugar baby with gifts and experiences while you’re away on the road. For single truckers, this can be a great way of making sure you have someone to come home to after an extended period away.


Whilst not specifically a truck driver dating site, SugarDaddyMeet still caters to the needs of a life away from home. Your options aren’t limited to those near you, you can search for potential sugar babies wherever your job takes you. The women may just be trying to find a rich man, but it’s up to you to prove that you have more to offer than money.

There’s also a huge disparity in the gender divide on the site. With almost 4 million more men than women signed up, there’ll never be a shortage of ladies to offer your generosity.


  • No shortage of potential sugar babies
  • Free to join
  • Online-only relationships are prohibited


  • Some features require payment
Free? No
Paid Options? Yes, subscription-based
Verified Profiles? Yes, not compulsory

5. CougarLife – Looking For A Little… Experience?

If you’re into a mature woman, then this site is your chance to shine. CougarLife caters to single truckers and other men looking to date ladies older than them. Often around 40 years old, “cougar” is the term used to refer to a woman seeking a young man.

The men are labeled as “cubs” in this dating context. If you feel like you’re a textbook cub who’s looking for a cougar of your own, then it looks like you’ve found your idea of heaven.

CougarLife dating site

Unlike some other sites, CougarLife focuses on one kind of relationship. It hones in on the niche of mature women and young men seeking each other out with romantic intentions. Not only that, but they’ve been doing so since 2008.

Whilst the site is free for the cougars in question, the cub-on-the-hunt needs to pay to use the site. The upside to this is you’re getting access to a huge compendium of older ladies who could be your next big heartthrob.

CougarLife also has a mobile app; perfect for truckers dating on the road. For you younger truck drivers, this dating app could be your savior if you’re sick of looking for women your own age who you don’t see eye-to-eye with. Older women tend to have a more mature aura, and who wouldn’t want that?


  • Mobile app available
  • Mature women only
  • Narrow down your search with category filters


  • Men need to pay
Free? Yes, for women
Paid Options? Yes, for men
Verified Profiles? Yes, not compulsory

6. eHarmony – One Of The Most Popular Truck Driver Dating Sites

One of the bigger names in the only dating game, eHarmony has earned its well-known status for many good reasons. Dating for truckers depends on factors such as distance and free time. Not only can you set a location when looking for a partner, but the site also boasts that the split between male and female users is 50/50.

This can be a great advantage when you’re dating online. Not only is there a great choice on offer when it comes to a potential relationship, but there’s less fierce competition for the attention of the women on the site when compared with other dating platforms.


It may seem commonplace these days to hear about algorithms, but eHarmony was one of the first to the game. Established in 2000, the site uses questionnaires and other methods to help narrow down your search and guide you in the direction of someone well-suited to you and your lifestyle.

If you’re still unsure about trying eHarmony out, you can make a profile without spending a cent. Browsing the site doesn’t cost you anything, but interacting with those you come across does.


  • Actively helps you find a match
  • Free to browse
  • Even split of male and female users


  • Premium features are not free
Free? No
Paid Options? Yes, subscription-based
Verified Profiles? Yes, not compulsory

7. Tinder – For A Trucker, a Hook-Up Can Sometimes Be The Best

Sure, for a truck driver, a dating site like Tinder may not spring to mind. It sometimes feels like everyone uses the app. The risk there is that you’ll match with someone who isn’t aware of the challenges and demands being in a relationship with a trucker can present.

But if you’re concise with your wording in the infamous Tinder bio, then you should be able to seek out the kind of person you’re looking for. On the other hand, we all know about the reputation Tinder has as one of the infamous hook-up apps.

If you’re cold and lonely while you’re away from home, why not put this reputation to the test?

Tinder dating website

The layout is very intuitive, and probably the most heavily referenced in everyday life when it comes to online dating. Swipe right if you like the look of them, left if you don’t. If you both swipe right, then it’s a match!

The base app is free to use, and you can make use of Tinder to almost its full extent for free. Features like the “super like” are restricted to those who aren’t subscribers. The cost of a Tinder subscription depends on your age, with those over 30 being charged more.

Tinder may not be one of the most popular truck driver dating sites, but it certainly does the job if you use it correctly.


  • Easy to use
  • Mostly free
  • Changeable search parameters


  • Premium features cost money, and are more expensive if you’re over 30
Free? Yes
Paid Options? Yes, subscription-based
Verified Profiles? Yes, not compulsory

8. Bumble – Let The Woman Do The Work

When male truckers are dating, it can often fall to them to make the first move. There are certain dynamics at play in the dating game that almost makes this a kind of honorary law. Bumble spotted this trend and decided it was one that needed to be rectified.

On Bumble, once you’ve matched with someone, the woman always needs to initiate the conversation. If they don’t do this within 24 hours, then the connection expires. Dating for truckers can be exhausting, especially after spending hours behind the wheel.

Bumble dating website

The woman bearing the burden of breaking the ice is a great way to appeal to your sensibilities as someone with less energy and less time to waste.

Not only that, if you’re the shy type due to spending so much time on your own, this seemingly small selling point could be enough to help you engage with a potential romantic partner.

Bumble can be used to find a date free of charge. However, if you feel like you need the extra tools to execute your search for love, there are subscription-based and single-use features that you can spend your money on.


  • Free accounts
  • The woman always messages first
  • Easy to use


  • Some features require financial investment
Free? Yes
Paid Options? Yes, subscriptions and credits
Verified Profiles? Yes, not compulsory

9. OKCupid – It Doesn’t Need To Be Valentine’s Day

It’s hard not to trust in the ability of a dating site named after the god of love. For a truck driver, this dating site may initially seem like it’s all about long-term relationships. Like most dating sites, hook-ups are a possibility. But what’s the harm in looking for a more serious and long-term partner?

okaycupid dating

The dating difficulties that surround a truck driver can cause issues with your love life, but we won’t let you give up the search for real love. There are women out there willing to wait out your long absences and are ready to wait for your many returns.

OkayCupid dating site

OKCupid could be the site where you find this honest and patient connection. The platform lets you explore what’s on offer with an easy-to-follow layout. Not only that, the whole routine can be done for free. Need access to the premium features to streamline the process? You can do that just by spending some of that hard-earned trucker cash.

Verified profiles have a logo next to them to prove the person is who they say they are. Without the logo, they may be telling the truth but have simply yet to verify their identity.


  • No charge when making an account
  • Polygamy-friendly
  • Helpful layout


  • Not all profiles are verified
Free? Yes
Paid Options? Yes, subscription-based
Verified Profiles? Yes, not compulsory

10. Hinge – The Trucker Dating App They Want You To Delete

Hinge prides itself on getting you out of the club for single truckers as quickly as possible. Their prize-winning algorithm is bound to have you face-to-face with the love of your life before you know it.

Hinge’s philosophy is one to be respected. They want you to sign up, find the one for you, then delete the app again. These guys really care about finding you the right person too – it’s not all about speed.

hinge dating site

Everything is taken into account, from your personality traits to your profession and any challenges that may bring. Not only can you use Hinge on the road by downloading their app on your phone, but it also follows the handy model of being accessible for free.

If you want to make use of the extra features then all you have to do is pay for them. Although, as previously stated, the features are optional and you should be able to start getting matches without any financial outgoings.

Users can also opt-in to self-verification. This means you can spot the profiles that are definitely legitimate by looking for the verified logo.


  • Free to use
  • They have an app
  • Designed to be deleted


  • You’ll need to pay for certain features
Free? Yes
Paid Options? Yes, subscription-based
Verified Profiles? Yes, not compulsory

How To Find The Best Sites For Dating Truckers? 

Listen To Word Of Mouth

The best truck dating app can often be the one on everyone’s lips. If you’ve heard of a dating app or site, then the odds are they have a reputation for being successful at what they do.

Leave Your Comfort Zone

If you’ve been having no luck with finding a partner as a trucker, dating app reviews can be helpful. You may have gotten caught up on one app in particular and keep repeating the same mistakes.

Try out a new app with a different focus and see if your luck improves.

Listen To Our Opinion

We’ve put this list of truck dating app reviews together for your benefit. There is a reason we chose each one – they all have unique to offer when it comes to finding love.

Conclusion — What Is The Best Site For Truck Driver Dating?

When taking all the aspects of truck life into account, is the most accommodating. The truth is that many women aren’t willing to make the sacrifices necessary when it comes to dating a trucker.

With, the attention of the women is initially held by the gifts they expect of a wealthy, mature man. But all relationships need to start somewhere. Who is to say whether or not the relationship won’t develop into something with a deeper meaning?

And if an emotional connection isn’t something you’re on the hunt for, then the ladies on the platform aren’t either, for the most part. Head over to the site today and get searching for your ideal sugar baby to be there waiting for you when you get back from a cross-country drive.


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