Anyone who’s ever seen an older man with his arm draped around a beautiful, younger woman has probably wondered how they could get into a relationship like that themselves.

Sugar daddy apps are designed to connect wealthy older men with young women who are searching for a benefactor with a bit of romance. They make it easy to match with someone who shares interests and offers a physical attraction.

In this guide, we’ll review the 10 best sugar daddy apps for 2023 and explain how to find a sugar daddy or a sugar baby today.

The 10 Best Sugar Daddy Dating Apps & Sites

Let’s dive straight into our list of the 10 best sugar daddy apps for 2023:

  • Seeking – Best Sugar Daddy App to Find Wealthy Men
  • – Sugar Daddy Meet App with No Strings Attached
  • Secret Benefits – Top Dating App to Find a Sugar Daddy Online
  • Ashley Madison – Best App for Dating Married Men
  • Sugar Daddy Meet – Sugar Daddy App with 5 Million+ Women
  • Sugarbook – Established & Free Sugar Daddy Dating App
  • Adult Friend Finder – Best Dating App for Casual Sex
  • Glambu – Luxury Dating with Verified Profiles
  • Established Men – Best for Older Men Looking for a Young Partner
  • What’s Your Price – Receive a Cash Offer Before Your Date

The Top Sugar Daddy Apps Reviewed

To maximize the chances of finding the perfect sugar daddy or sugar baby, it’s important to find the best sugar daddy dating sites. We’ll take a closer look at the top 10 sugar daddy dating apps to help readers find a sugar daddy online today.

1. Seeking – Best Sugar Daddy App to Find Wealthy Men


Seeking is one of the most popular sugar daddy dating apps in the world. It launched in 2006 and now boasts more than 40 million users, including a more than 2:1 ratio of women to men. So, sugar daddies using this platform will have their pick of sugar babies.

The community on Seeking is very active, which means that users are more likely to find their perfect match quickly. According to Seeking, prospective sugar daddies and babies send more than 1 million messages per day on the platform.

Seeking is built specifically to facilitate sugar daddy relationships, so everyone on the platform is clear about their intentions. The no-strings-attached vibe is a major benefit compared to other dating apps. In addition, nearly all of the profiles are verified, so there are no issues with catfishing.

The app offers a ton of features to help sugar daddies find sugar babies and vice versa. When launching, new users can enter details about the type of man or woman they’re looking for and whether they want to be a sugar daddy or a sugar baby.

Members can favorite other users and message them in real-time through the app’s secure messaging system. Seeking also enables users to send private photos and videos.

Seeking is completely free for sugar babies, but sugar daddies do need to pay a fee to list on the app. The fee starts at $30 per month when users sign up for a 3-month subscription. There’s a free tier available, but it offers much more limited matches and messaging features.

Overall, Seeking is a terrific sugar daddy meet app for anyone in search of a sugar relationship. Check out the best international dating app today to find a match.

No. of Users Starting Price Free Tier?
40 million $30/month Yes


  • Over 40 million users worldwide
  • Excellent messaging and photo sharing features
  • Profiles are verified
  • Free for sugar babies


  • Monthly fee for sugar daddies

2. – Sugar Daddy Meet App with No Strings Attached is a simple dating app that can help users meet the perfect sugar daddy or sugar baby in minutes. The app hosts more than 10 million users, so there’s a high chance of finding a match.

The app enables users to filter potential matches by age, city, and whether they’re seeking a wealthy older partner or a younger attractive partner. Then it shows all of the nearby users that meet those criteria. There’s no swiping or looking at one profile at a time – users can see all of the potential matches and then pick only their favorites to chat with. encourages users to set up detailed profiles complete with high-resolution photos, so users always know what they’re getting. Another nice feature is that users can limit their results to only sugar daddies and sugar babies who are online right now.

It’s free to create an account on, but users have to pay if they want to send messages to another user. This pricing model is a major advantage. Users can browse the platform, see who’s online, and look for a sugar daddy or baby they like. They only need to pay if they find someone they like and want to start a conversation.

No. of Users Starting Price Free Tier?
10 million $59 for 100 message credits Yes


  • Free to view all profiles
  • Easily filter profiles by location
  • Photo-rich profiles
  • 10 million users


  • Profiles are not verified

3. Secret Benefits – Top Dating App to Find a Sugar Daddy Online


Secret Benefits is one of the newest sugar daddy dating sites, but it’s quickly gained popularity. It already has over 1 million users, mostly in the US, and there are roughly 3 times as many women as men on the app.

Secret Benefits verifies all of the profiles on the site, which is a huge plus.

The app also does a great job of encouraging users to fill out their profiles. Most users on the site include their first name, ethnicity, age, city, hair color, height, and body type. That makes it much simpler to filter for the type of men or women that a user is most interested in dating.

In addition, Secret Benefits enables users to add a large number of photos to their accounts along with captions and prompts. These are great for starting conversation, which can be a little stilted if all users have to go off are photos.

Secret Benefits enables users to register and start browsing profiles for free. Users only need to pay to send messages on this sugar daddy app. At $59 for 100 messages, it’s relatively affordable for sugar daddies.

There’s enough activity on Secret Benefit that it’s easy to use up credits quickly, but that’s a good sign since it means that matches are happening frequently!

No. of Users Starting Price Free Tier?
1 million $59 for 100 message credits Yes


  • All profiles are verified
  • Rapidly growing user base in the US
  • Profiles include prompts and captions
  • Includes details about age, body type, hair & more


  • Still relatively new and has fewer users than other apps

4. Ashley Maddison – Best App for Dating Married Men

Ashley Maddison

Ashley Madison’s slogan is ‘Life is short. Have an affair.’ That sums up the vibe on this extremely popular dating app. It’s populated by married men and women, many of whom are looking for an exciting new fling and are eager to meet. Ashley Maddision is also one of the best mature women dating apps on the market.

While dating married men and women can bring complications, those complications are part of the thrill. Ashley Maddison isn’t specifically focused on sugar daddy dating, but many married men on the app are well-established and can serve as sugar daddies for the younger woman they’re cheating with.

The Ashley Maddison site and app make it easy to find the right matches to meet any user’s tastes. All profiles are verified and include at least three photos.

Most also offer details about a user’s situation in life and what they want out of their affair, making it easier to find the perfect sugar daddy. Remember, most users on this app are married, so they’re experienced and know what they’re looking for.

Like other top sugar daddy websites, Ashley Maddison lets users browse profiles for free. But if users want to send messages and coordinate a covert meet-up, they’ll need to buy message credits.

No. of Users Starting Price Free Tier?
60 million $59 for 100 message credits Yes


  • Enormous global user base
  • Find married men and women looking for an affair
  • Detailed and verified profiles
  • Users typically know what they want


  • Not specifically focused on sugar daddy relationships

5. Sugar Daddy Meet – Sugar Daddy App with 5 Million+ Women


Sugar Daddy Meet is another great site to find a sugar daddy online. This site has more than 5 million women and only 1.5 million men. So, sugar daddies can be selective in who they take out on a date.

One of the best things about Sugar Daddy Meet is that it takes user safety seriously. Users can have their accounts verified by Sugar Daddy Meet’s staff at no cost. In addition, Sugar Daddy Meet never shares information about its users, preserving their privacy within and beyond the app.

Sugar Daddy Meet enables users to see all profiles for free. They can view photos and albums and even send “winks” to another user at no cost. Sugar Daddy Meet also has a feature called Spark, which enables users to view one recommended profile at a time and swipe to match or pass.

The app requires users to upgrade if they want to initiate a conversation. Membership starts at $24 per month with a 6-month subscription, which is relatively affordable compared to other sugar daddy apps. It’s also nice having a subscription instead of message credits, which limit how much users might want to chat.

No. of Users Starting Price Free Tier?
7 million $24/month Yes


  • More than 3 times as many women as men
  • Monthly subscription instead of message credits
  • Spark offers a swiping-style experience
  • All profiles can be verified for free


  • Can be pricey

6. Adult Friend Finder – Best Dating App for Casual Sex

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is a dating app created to help users find new sexy friends. While long-term relationships can start on this platform, it’s mainly aimed at finding casual sex and hookups. This platform also doubles as an adult cam site.

Adult Friend Finder is pretty open-minded when it comes to what users can look for. The app supports same-sex couples, swinger groups, threesomes, and more. Sugar daddies can also advertise themselves on Adult Friend Finder and they’re likely to find young women who want to be pampered as sugar babies.

Profiles on Adult Friend Finder are usually pretty limited. Most users who are looking for casual sex don’t want to discuss much on their profile. However, with a paid membership, there are plenty of filters to help users find the perfect match.

No. of Users Starting Price Free Tier?
80 million $19.95/month Yes


  • Specifically designed for hookups and casual sex
  • More than 80 million users
  • Very welcoming to all types of users


  • Profiles typically don’t include a lot of information

7. Sugarbook – Established & Free Sugar Daddy Dating App

Sugar Book

Sugarbook is a free sugar daddy dating app where young and attractive women can quickly meet established, wealthy men. The app offers a combination of swiping-style app dating and the ability to browse profiles in a user’s area. So, it’s easy to quickly find a match.

Sugarbook’s profiles are among the best of any sugar daddy dating app. Users can specify what types of relationships they’re interested in. This includes not only sugar daddy relationships, but also mentorships, no-strings-attached sex, friends with benefits, romantic travel partners, and more.

The app’s algorithm does a great job of matching users who are looking for similar relationships and meet each others’ filters. So, it’s worth trying out swiping rather than jumping straight into looking through all of the available profiles.

Sugarbook is available as an app for iOS and Android, or users can access a limited set of features online. Users can get started on the platform for free, but messaging and other premium features require a somewhat pricey paid membership.

No. of Users Starting Price Free Tier?
700,000 $39.95/month Yes


  • Algorithm for matching like-minded users
  • Specify the type of relationship users want
  • Modern profiles with high-res photos
  • Access online or with iOS and Android apps


  • Relatively small user base, especially in the US

8. Glambu – Luxury Dating with Verified Profiles


Glambu is a luxury dating app designed for the wealthy, attractive, and successful. While there’s no specific barriers to entry, this app appears to have successfully created a community built around matching people with luxury lifestyles.

Glambu puts women first. Men can match with a woman on the app, but it’s up to the woman whether or not she wants to allow conversation to be initiated. This gives sugar babies a chance to evaluate multiple sugar daddies and decide which ones they want to talk to.

All profiles on Glambu are verified, adding to the luxury atmosphere of the platform. Another neat feature is that Glambu lets users choose to date either locally or internationally. So, it’s a great option for sugar babies who are flying to another country and want to meet a local sugar daddy for their stay.

No. of Users Starting Price Free Tier?
2 million $23.49/month Yes


  • Very attractive and wealthy community
  • Date locally or internationally
  • All profiles are verified


  • Men can’t initiate a conversation

9. Established Men – Best for Older Men Looking for a Young Partner

Established Men

Established Men is a sugar daddy dating platform where older, established men can easily find a younger and established partner.

The platform is relatively simple, without a ton of filters or profile information. However, there’s a great selection of users and it’s quick to browse through potential matches in a user’s area.

Established Men has been around since 2009, so it’s well-known. The user base of half a million is smaller than other dating apps, but that shouldn’t dissuade anyone. Established Men’s community is very active and there’s a high degree of turnover as sugar daddies and sugar babies get paired up.

Established Men is completely free for women. Men will have to buy a subscription to send messages or have their profiles highlighted for sugar babies.

No. of Users Starting Price Free Tier?
500,000 $24.99/month Yes


  • Very active community of sugar daddies and babies
  • Completely free for women
  • Easy to browse all profiles


  • Relatively small user base

10. What’s Your Price – Receive a Cash Offer Before Your Date

Whats Your Price

What’s Your Price is a unique dating app that’s perfect for sugar daddy dating. What makes this platform different is that users don’t simply match and start a conversation.

Instead, women put up their profiles and men can make an “offer” to take them on a date. This can be a cash offer, an idea for a date that they’ll pay for, or an explanation of why they should be chosen. When multiple men make offers to a woman, the woman gets to decide which offer they want to accept.

So, What’s Your Price lets sugar daddies explicitly brag about their wealth and how they’ll take care of a sugar baby. Then women get to decide which sugar daddy’s offer best meets their needs, and take it from there.

The entire community on What’s Your Price is attractive, wealthy, and all-around luxurious. This is a great place to start a sugar relationship.

No. of Users Starting Price Free Tier?
500,000 $50 for 100 message credits Yes


  • Unique system of making offers to sugar babies
  • Skips the awkward conversation
  • Wealthy and attractive community of users


  • Bidding system can lead to very expensive dates

How to Pick a Sugar Daddy Dating App

There are a few key things to consider when choosing the best sugar daddy sites and apps.

App focus

Some dating apps are specifically focused on sugar daddy-sugar baby relationships. Others are aimed more broadly at casual hookups, extramarital affairs, or other types of established man, younger woman relationships.

Choosing the app that best aligns with what a user wants offers the best chance of finding the perfect match.

Match style

Many of the best sugar daddy sites simply display all profiles in a user’s area that meet their filters. This can be good because users get to see everyone in the community and decide who they like best.

Other apps use a swiping-style system, where users are presented with one profile at a time. This can be nice for doing a deeper dive into profiles. It can also offer personalized recommendations that can speed up the match process.

Community size

Some of the largest sugar daddy sites, like Seeking, have enormous communities of tens of millions of users. That increases the odds of finding the perfect match since there are simply more sugar daddies and sugar babies to choose from.

However, don’t discount smaller apps. Sometimes, these can have more dedicated and active communities. They can also be more niche, making it easier to find a match for non-traditional relationships.

Profile verification

It’s very important that users can trust that the people they’re chatting with are who they say they are. The best sugar daddy apps offer free profile verification to prevent catfishing and other scams.


There are many free sugar daddy sites for sugar babies, but men generally need to pay for these apps. Many apps let users view profiles for free, but require them to purchase credits or a subscription to start conversations.

Heavy users might prefer a subscription, which doesn’t limit how many messages a sugar daddy can send each month. Less frequent users might prefer message credits, which work on a pay-as-you-go basis.

What is the Best Free Sugar Daddy App That Sends Money?

Many of the best sugar daddy apps enable users to send money to each other. Free sugar daddy apps that send money can be used to pay for a date, sponsor a sugar baby, or even show off a sugar daddy’s wealth.

Some of the best free sugar daddy websites to send money include Seeking,, and Secret Benefits.

Always be cautious when sending money through a sugar daddy app. Even if profiles are verified, it’s important to know the person a user is talking to before sending money. There is no way to get back money that is sent over a sugar daddy app.

How to Find a Sugar Daddy Online

Ready to find a sugar daddy or a sugar baby using the best sugar daddy website? We’ll explain how to get started with Seeking, our #1-rated sugar daddy app for 2023.

Step 1: Sign up for Seeking

Head to the Seeking website and click Join Free. Users need to specify the gender they identify as and who they’re interested in matching with. They also need to provide their email, birthdate, and a password.

Seeking Sign Up

Step 2: Create a Profile

Next, create a new Seeking profile. Add a name and profile image. Users can describe themselves by adding details about their height, weight, ethnicity, education, and what type of relationship they’re looking for. They can also provide details about their net worth.

Seeking Create a Profile

Step 3: Find Matches

Browse through the profiles on Seeking to find the most interesting ones. Seeking lets users filter according to any profile details. Click on a profile to see all the user’s photos, interests, and more.

Seeking Browse Profiles

Step 4: Connect

Once a user has found someone they like on Seeking, they can send a message to connect. Users must upgrade to a paid subscription in order to connect.

Seeking Send a Message


Now that readers know how to get a sugar daddy, it’s time to get started. Seeking has a community of more than 40 million single sugar daddies and sugar babies to explore. It offers verified profiles, tons of features to connect, and even lets users send money to a sugar baby. Join Seeking today to find the perfect match.


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