As a company responsible for the IT security of our clients, it’s very important to us to stay up to speed on the latest vulnerability threats.

You may have seen us cover the Cryptolocker (a form of Ransomware threat) virus in the past. Lately this has been a big issue for businesses. While our clients all have backup, cloud or continuity plans in place – we want to make everyone aware of the threat and what they should be doing. Below is a copy of our “Emergency Alert” that sent to our clients and prospects:

It is absolutely CRITICAL that you forward this to all of your staff to make sure they are educated about this risk.

There has been an influx of emails received by businesses worldwide (including our clients here in South Florida) that have a variety of attachments that contain the CryptoLocker virus. This virus, once downloaded, can encrypt all server and user data on the network.

It is imperative that you immediately instruct your users to be extremely cautious when receiving emails and opening attachments. Unless they are 100% certain that the email is from a known sender AND they are expecting the attached document or .zip file they should be instructed to delete the message immediately.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us to discuss further. If you are not sure that your system has the appropriate firewall, server antivirus, and workstation antivirus in place and up to date (or if your IT team isn’t updating or educating you about this threat) you may need to consider an adjustment to your security strategy. If you do nothing else, please forward this message to your staff to ensure they know there is an elevated risk and they should be especially careful.

It’s pretty important to consider how your IT partner helps educate you and your staff on the threat landscape. Hackers are continually evolving the way that they infiltrate networks, and your provider should be able to appropriately educate you and help you avoid potential disaster.