Four WordPress Security Plugins That Will Stop Website Attacks

Four WordPress Security Plugins That Will Stop Website AttacksToday I have some WordPress security plugins to help you improve the performance and safety. Here’s four links with tips and tricks to kick start your Monday.

Installing the latest security plugins on your WordPress website will help protect you from brute force attacks and spam. With so many outside sources trying to break in now is a good time to get started. Is your website vulnerable to unwelcome logins and malware? Use these top rated WordPress plugins, and let me know how these work for you!

1) Stop hackers from getting in – WordPress Firewall

Block hackers from coming into your website with this reliable security plugin. WordPress Firewall works by seeking out suspicious-looking web requests, detects SQL injection attacks, and even provides you with an email showing the attack reports. The software will whitelist and blacklist according to your post content, comments, unknown parameters, ect. It’s easy to install and simple to configure.

2) Protect your password and more – Login LockDown

Put a stop to login attempts and even see who is trying to hack your website. Login LockDown, which is a free plugin, provides IP address information of those who have failed to login to your website. After a certain number of attempts access is denied. This is especially good to use to protect your password.

3) Safe backup and security – iThemes Security

Want to detect and fix any security holes on your WordPress site? Then you will love iThemes Security (previously known as Better WP Security). With this free plugin you can add 30 different ways to protect your website as well as creating useful backups.

4) Put an end to malicious scripts – BulletProof Security

Add stronger security with .htaccess WordPress security protection provided by BulletProof Security. The free plugin stops a hackers’ malicious scripts in its tracks, and monitors suspicious activity that might be occurring. Features include one-step setup, malware scanning, login security, login monitoring, and more.

Hopefully you will find these WordPress website plugins useful to improving your security. Are there any that you would like to add as well?