The idea of cyber threats to a business is a relatively new phenomenon. Many established businesses and startup businesses are not ready to deal with the threats that they face. They do not have the technology or the people to manage the threats and to protect the business. The result if they do not protect the business from the cyber threats is often disastrous.

It does not take much to destroy the reputation of a business or to steal information from a business with the help of technology. Hackers are working hard to stay ahead of the businesses and if a business does not act, it could mean trouble is ahead. A good security firm can give a business the protection they need. It is up to the business to find the best security company for them.

While a good firm can offer protection, finding that firm is not easy. There are plenty of firms that promise to offer protection. They will tout that they offer the best systems for the price or they can do things that no other company can do. While there are hundreds of different places to turn, there are some companies that have proven themselves as a leader in the industry.

Security Firms with a reputation

When searching for the best of anything, the name of the business plays a role in the decision. People want to turn to a business that has a name they know and trust. They rely on the reputation of the business when making a choice. While it is always a good idea to find a business that has the best reputation, that is not the only thing that puts a company providing cybersecurity at the top of the list of the best in the industry. There are many companies that do not have the most familiar names that are growing rapidly. In time they may have the reputation that some of these businesses do, but it will take time. These are some of the top firms that offer security for computer systems and networks with names that people recognize.

IBM Security When people talk about computers, the International Business Machine company almost always comes up. IBM has been a leader in the industry since the first computer. The name alone makes people think that the security systems they offer are among the best. In addition to the name recognition, they offer security for data and applications of a business, fraud protection and support for privacy.

Lockheed Martin Long recognized as a leader in the aerospace industry, they can use the advancements made in that area and translate that into security systems for computer networks.

Raytheon This company has built their reputation as one of the top United States defense contractors. They have supplied the military with a variety of products over the years and offer security for the networks used in the military and defense department. Their systems protect some of the most valuable systems in the country.

Malwarebytes This is a service that used by many people to protect their home networks. They offer a free service to people who want to search for viruses and malware on their computer. Their premium services offer more protection for the users. They are continuing to grow by entering into the enterprise market.

Business that People May Not Recognize

There are plenty of rising companies that offer security and threat intelligence systems that are not as well known. That does not mean they are better or worse than other companies. Some of these serve niche markets. They are all building on their reputation to become the leaders in the cyber security industry.

Talos Cisco is a leader in computer systems in the United States. Talos (owned by Cisco) is a security system designed specifically for the products offered by Cisco. Using software, Talos works to eliminate the threats from malware and ransomware. Talos works in harmony with the products from Cisco to provide the highest level of security. Thanks to the size of Cisco and its widespread use in businesses, this security system is an industry leader.

GuidePoint Security No company in the industry has grown faster than this one. They have partnered with other security vendors to fuel their growth. The people in the industry recognize their approach to security and are following the lead set by GuidePoint.

CrowdStrike This company is one of the leaders because of their forward-looking approach. They utilize a Flacon platform that is working on the next generation of threats. They are ready to protect businesses and people against the viruses of the future along with threat intelligence and other threats.

KnowBe4The best defense against security threats is to stop them before they happen. KnowBe4 is a system that works to spot threats before someone uses them. They have a phishing platform that simulates different ways for these types of intelligence threats to work. That allows them to prevent them from ever working.

DirectDefense Companies should test their networks and computer systems to make sure they have the protection they need. DirectDefense offers services that test the systems of businesses and tries to penetrate a business. They also offer training to help resolve any deficiencies found during the testing.

Cylance The easiest way to tell the fastest growing company in the security industry is to look at growth over the last three years. With nearly 8,000% growth over the last 3 years, Cylance is the favorite to take this title. They use a combination of algorithms and mathematics to detect suspicious behavior and possible virus threats. It is the perfect example of proactive defense to the threats businesses face in the world today.

When it comes to cybersecurity, it does not really matter if a business makes a choice based on name recognition or what company is growing the fastest. It is best to find the security systems that fit the needs and the industry of the business. The better fit the security system is for a business, the better it will work. When it comes to security for computer networks and systems, finding the most protection is a key to success.