As technology continues to expand into 2016 and beyond, it’s becoming increasingly clear that individuals and businesses need to do more to protect themselves from data breaches. But do you need to review your data security this year, all over again?

The answer is quite simple: with so many cases of sensitive information being stolen even from the largest organisations that seemed so well protected, it’s imperative that you take steps to review your data security this year, and every year, to keep up with the changes and remain ahead of the latest threats.

Are You Always Using the Latest Versions of Software to Protect Your Data?

No matter what software you decide to use to protect yourself from a data breach, always be certain that you’re using the latest version. Update the software whenever necessary to ensure that it’s capable of protecting you from the latest threats to IT security.

Are You Using Internet of Things Devices?

The Internet of Things is huge right now, but its network unfortunately also gives hackers a lot of opportunities to steal valuable information. So if you’re using any Internet of Things devices (and you likely are, such as your smartphone or your Apple Watch), you should definitely research the best ways to secure the devices from attacks.

Have You Invested in Data Security Products that Work?

Centri Technology data encryption software is just one of many examples of high-quality products available to protect your data all day, every day, and from anywhere in the world. Investing in this technology will help you rest easy knowing that you have a system in place that will protect your sensitive information in the cyber world, regardless of what industry you operate within. So go beyond merely installing an anti-virus or anti-malware program and a firewall, and see what other products are out there to support what you do and keep your information secure at all times.

Are You Regularly Conducting Vulnerability Tests?

One of the best ways to ensure your data is truly secure is by running vulnerability tests on a regular basis. This will find security gaps that could lead to attacks, and you’ll be able to patch them up right away rather than waiting for a hacker to find your vulnerabilities first.

A great way to learn about areas of vulnerability against hackers is to take an ethical hacking course. You can find these online, and they’re straightforward and geared towards users of all experience levels. They pretty much teach you how to think like a hacker so you can better understand how hackers work. With this understanding, you can look at your own data security system in a whole new light and recognise any areas that are too weak before taking action to resolve those problems.

Answering the questions above could help you determine if you need to review your data security this year. What you’ll likely find is that you do, indeed, need to step up your game against the latest threats.