What happens when your online security is compromised?

This morning I received an email from LastPass, informing me that their team has discovered and immediately blocked suspicious activity on their network.

Should you be concerned?

You should be if you are using this password manager. And if you are not you should be even more concerned.

Why? It’s hard to remember the many passwords that you use. This is especially so when you try to use complicated ones. If you are not using a password manager you are likely to be using the same password for all you online accounts.

Is this true in your case?

That is not a good idea. The video below will explain why and you’ll want to seriously consider using a password manager. Yes, even if they are targets of being “hacked”.

Fortunately, LastPass informs that

… No encrypted user vault data was taken, however other data, including email addresses and password reminders, was compromised.

What that means is that none of my encrypted passwords and data were compromised although the email address they use to authenticate me along with my reminder questions are no longer safe.

LastPass is confident that the encryption algorithms they use can protect my passwords. But just to be sure, I changed my master password and reminder question. You should too, if you are using LastPass.

What is LastPass?

If you have not heard of Last Pass is, here’s a 6-minute video that explains what it is and why you may want to use it.

Use different keys for different doors

Not to use a Password Manager because these can be hacked is liken to saying one would not lock the door because locks can be picked.

Your online security is closely linked to your online privacy. I’d rather you be safe than sorry. Take precaution with your online security and monitor it.

Practical lessons we can learn from this:

  • You need to manage and maintain your online assets. Passwords, websites, social media accounts cannot be left unattended to as they are open to online threats. As we can see in the case of LastPass being hacked, even that which is supposed to defend you can be attacked. So stay vigilant.
  • You really don’t want to use the same password for all your online accounts. Doing that is making it very easy for hackers to access all your online assets. You may as well hand them the key to your vault. Seriously consider using a password manager.
  • Consider changing out your passwords regularly. Make them long and difficult to guess by incorporating numbers, letters and special characters.

If you make use of password managers you won’t need to remember every password, so these can be as complicated as your like.

Most password manager could help you generate strong password so you don’t have to come up with variations of your first password. Let these application help you manage you online security while you focus on building your online business.

What other precaution do you take that you can share with us?