Identity protection marketing

In a world of mounting risks and waning attention spans, effectively marketing your identity protection program is imperative to your success. That’s why EZShield takes a partner approach to identity protection. We don’t just offer a proven product. We help financial institutions align world-class protection with targeted marketing materials and multi-channel communication plans to ensure success.

In fact, these partner marketing resources were recently honored with a 2018 Communicator Award of Excellence for a promotional campaign. In total, EZShield received 11 Communicator Awards this year — making this post exceptionally timely.

It wasn’t without its challenges. Identity protection marketing falls into a tricky realm — one filled with marketing caveats and regulatory guidelines. But with a knowledgeable team aiding in your marketing initiatives, you can ensure a smooth go-to-market strategy.

In this post, I’ll break down the best practices for identity protection marketing and how we arm our own partners with marketing resources to ensure an aligned, successful program.

Define Your Strategy

Have you ever heard the saying, “market to everyone, appeal to no one”? While on the surface identity protection seems like a must-have for anyone living in today’s increasingly data-vulnerable world, not everyone sees protection in the same light.

It’s important to segment and position your program accordingly. With a targeted audience, you can assess a demographic’s unique identity theft and fraud risks, as well as develop a communication plan that will effectively engage them.

We’ve developed targeted marketing campaigns for our partners that address the needs, wants and preferred methods of communication across a variety of demographics. With this targeted approach, consumers can easily find value in protecting their identities and enjoy the benefits that matter most to them.

Hone Your Voice

Branding and messaging are the key credibility-builders every program needs.

Identity protection marketing was once plagued by ill-practices. Historically, others in the industry used their voice to carry scare tactics and ambiguous promises about the protection they offered. It quickly unraveled.

For long-term success, clear and transparent messages are the only route to take. With a humanized voice that delivers easy-to-understand value, consumers can easily navigate a product and get the most out of it.

Honing your voice also includes gauging your audience’s relationship with your brand and implementing branding practices accordingly. This could mean leading with your own brand or using it in conjunction with the trusted provider.

At EZShield, our team works with partners to understand their unique audiences to provide branding and messaging that aligns with their needs.

Master Your Communication Channels

Be a wealth of information by arming accountholders with the information they need to make an educated decision about their identity protection. This includes offering targeted sales collateral in both digital and physical formats.

Our partners have a library of resources available to them to help market their products. This depository includes a wide range of flyers, graphics, and even videos. With this targeted collateral, partners can reach their accountholders on web, email, mobile, social media and in-person.

Keep collateral clean, concise and eye-catching. With the growing rate of identity crimes, it doesn’t take much to spark interest in these services. Don’t let cluttered or jargon-filled collateral take away from an important message.

Compliance is King

Always lead with integrity and compliance. The regulatory environment that you operate in is challenging and often unclear. For more than 16 years, EZShield has provided well-defined products and services that have met or exceeded regulatory guidelines.

We are committed to aligning with the Dodd-Frank Act, GLBA and all other applicable consumer protection legislation and guidance. Our years of industry experience help us avoid unfair, deceptive and abusive practices and allow us to bring our products to market in a fair and transparent way. We make compliance a priority and constantly monitor the compliance landscape to ensure we incorporate best practices into our products, partnerships, and marketing.

Going above and beyond in terms of compliance is just good business. This dedication to integrity has allowed EZShield to enjoy an A+ Better Business Bureau Rating. We’re proud to deliver a world-class product that keeps partners ahead of the regulatory curve.

It’s Time to Position Your Organization for Success

The cost of identity crimes will continue to rise — impacting both accountholders and the financial institutions they look to for guidance. To be competitive in today’s market, it’s vital that banks and credit unions take proactive steps to minimize risks and add value to their existing offerings.

By aligning proven identity protection products with marketing best practices, you can alleviate one of the most top-of-mind accountholder concerns while uncovering additional revenue streams.

Three Keys to Kicking Off Your Identity Protection Program

  1. Lead with your user portal
    Your user access points should lead this initiative. Use a secure, intuitive online experience to gain consumer trust and empower them to take the first steps in securing their identity. Ensure your website is branded accordingly and is accessible no matter where they go — this includes a mobile app and responsive design.
  2. Target familiar communication channels
    Identity protection is a sensitive product that requires an established sense of trust and security; your communication channels should leverage this concept as you disperse your message. Look to your most trusted sources to disperse information. Relay messaging on channels that consumers are already with — including your online banking portal and monthly statements. Back these with advertisements that appear naturally along your accountholders’ journey through their banking experience.
  3. Champion your team
    Arm your in-branch and customer services teams with information and collateral about new releases to ensure they are confident in answering consumer questions. Keep the momentum going by ensuring your identity protection program is backed by expert support. At EZShield, this mission is led by our in-house Resolution Specialists. This highly-trained team of fraud experts is standing by to assist accountholders, whether they need comprehensive resolution services or have a simple question about your program. With continued support, accountholders can feel confident in their protection choice.