There are plenty of lead generation strategies out there, but the most important part of all of this is creating a strategy that will take advantage of multiple channels of acquisition when it comes down to it. In this article, we will be discussing lead generation strategies for IT security providers. Believe it or not, each niche has its own strategies, too!

Content That Educates

People have always told us that content is king, but it is more so the case with IT security providers. Whatever you release will be consumed by your prospective clients because they want to know how legitimate your services are in the industry.

The legitimacy of your security services can further be verified by the type of content that you choose to release and make public for your prospects. Your articles have to be informative and provide insights into real threats in IT security.

Case studies make for great marketable content especially if they have been created by your own team. This indicates that you know what you are doing because you have already done it before. Clients who need IT security have real threats to their platforms and knowing that your company knows what it is doing is a great help to their buying decision.

White papers are great, too, and so are testimonials from previous clients. Your content has to appeal to the people that you are trying to close.

The Website Matters

The website that you have is your storefront and having a great website is helpful in attracting the right type of customers to work with you. However, it isn’t just about having the best looking web property online. It has to resonate well with your target audience.

Consider checking if your website really appeals to your target audience, monitor their behavior through heat mapping, monitor your Google Analytics to see what works in your website and what doesn’t. You need to be able to adapt swiftly to your audience.

Responsiveness and mobile-friendliness will help you as they are believed to be ranking factors, but it does wonders for the user interface and experience. Remember that people like to interact with the information that they see online and most of them will usually check something out on their mobile device the first time around.

Outbound Sales Prospecting

You can never go wrong with outbound sales prospecting. Targeted sales prospecting still remains one of the most essential components that make up a solid IT lead generation strategy. Including it in your B2B marketing arsenal puts your IT security firm in a position to win new customers and repeat buyers.

Outbound lead generation methods such as telemarketing, email marketing, direct SMM lets you seek out potential IT buyers using personalized messaging that moves them through the sales funnel.

There’s a reason why IT companies find great success in outbound sales lead generation, it just works.

There is a term called buyer intent when you’re doing keyword research and these keyword sets are important because they form the trigger to which users find your website on search engines. They signify that a user is interested in acquiring a particular security product or service for their business.

These are just a few of the things that you have to optimize for – there are more than 250 factors that cause websites to rank according to digital marketing experts – and due to this optimizing your website can get difficult at times.

Make sure that you have an expert running your optimization processes so that you get the right organic traffic coming into your website. Sometimes your organic campaign can net you more income than your ads campaign, and having proper optimization will drive sales to come in. (However, have an ad campaign, too. It helps.)

Show the Data

Do you really want to engage your audience? Then, show them the data. Some prospects don’t really believe the situation unless you are able to deliver on the data. This means you should constantly be releasing infographics and other means to showcase data that your potential customer needs to see.

You’ve got to be as Secure as Your Security

One thing you’ve got to be sure of is the security that you provide to yourself before you provide it to other people. Nothing is as bad for business as a security company that cannot secure its own infrastructure.

We’re sure you won’t forget about your own site security as well.

Bonus: Do Free Assessments

Do you really want to attract customers coming into your business? Then, offer something for free. If you can issue free security assessment to prospects before they even ask for it, it shows that you are legitimate with the things that you do and you can go the extra mile when it comes to providing for the client.

A lot of marketing agencies have tried this approach and according to their findings, it really does work in bringing in more customers through the door. There’s no reason for your company not to try it.

As you can see, as an IT security provider there are a lot of things that you can do in order to make sure that you have a consistent flow of leads coming in for your business. However, the key to all of this is allowing yourself to properly strategize multiple channels. Make sure you have it all sorted out!

This article originally posted at The Savvy Marketer.