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Online security is a very important issue in this digital era. With all the fascinating things this digital age has to offer, almost everyone who has access to the internet has an account in any of the social media services or has an online business account if he or she is an entrepreneur. Research indicates that when it comes to online security, most account holders have fallen short. Most of the account’s security has been compromised in one way or another due to known or unknown reasons by hackers. The hackers are individuals who have the malicious intention, gain access to our accounts information, and use it to swindle online business people. The following are five forgotten steps that leave online entrepreneurs vulnerable.

Forgetting to protect the computers

Most of the online entrepreneurs forget to protect their computers from being hacked. The hackers may use worms and Trojans programs to access their computers. The online entrepreneurs forget to install firewalls on their machines. The firewall is a software program or hardware that blocks hackers from accessing and using their computers. It prevents communication from and to sources that are not permitted. If the firewall is not turned on, set up correctly and regularly updated it makes the online entrepreneurs vulnerable.

Using simple passwords and same password

Passwords are used to authorize and authenticate the account holders. Other online entrepreneurs use very simple passwords such as family names, dates of birth or anniversaries, business names or identification numbers. A research study by Virginia Tech discovered that this ‘user resistance to password security’ is a common occurrence among business owners. This makes them prone to hackers because the hackers usually use password crackers to access the information. It is a good practice to use a combination of letters, numbers and special characters to make the password complex to crack but easy to remember for the account holder as well as different passwords for different accounts.

Sharing personal information on social media sites

Most online entrepreneurs have accounts on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter or other sites such as LinkedIn. Personal information such as birth dates, family names, account numbers, places of work, residential areas, and any other information may be useful to the hackers and other people who may use some of it to access the computers or personally invade their homes and businesses.

Not encrypting their data

Encryption is a way of having data in such a way that it can be read and understood by authorized parties. Encryption will not prevent data from being tapped, but it will make the message content not to be understood by the interceptor. A research study carried out by Blue Coat Labs indicated that 10 of the most visited websites used encryption thereby making 100% of the traffic on the sites invisible to all security devices not unless the data had been decrypted.

Forgetting to update the antivirus

Forgetting to update the antivirus is another way that makes online entrepreneurs vulnerable. Most of the computers used by online entrepreneurs have no antivirus, or if they have, it is not up to date. Viruses, Trojans, or worms are malicious programs that can interfere with normal functioning of the computers or access crucial information that is then used by hackers. If the computers have not been updated with powerful antivirus, the online entrepreneur’s security will be compromised. These programs can appear as pop-up messages that prompt you to click on them pretending to offer possible solutions to your computer problem whereas they may pose a threat to your computer.


Therefore, to ensure online security is enhanced and protect their businesses, online entrepreneurs need to ensure the following. They need to ensure their firewall is on and updated. Use complex but easy to remember passwords; look for settings option on their social sites to manage personal information. They should also log out of the accounts after using them on any computer whether personal or business computer as well as clearing private data from the browsers.