Seems a little extreme, doesn’t it? A single employee taking down your entire organization and putting it out of business, but we’ve seen it happen. Downtime is no business’ friend and for many businesses – and 60% of downtime disasters are caused by human error, according to the Aberdeen Group. The cost of downtime can range from $5,000 per hour to more than $650,000 for large businesses. You can see how quickly a catastrophic technology event can quickly bankrupt a business. But what types of human error is causing this downtime and how can it bankrupt your business? Here are just a few ways your employees can bankrupt your business with your technology:

  1. Through their e-mail
    Your e-mail system is the most likely way to for an employee to bankrupt your organization. Something as simple as clicking a link or attachment their e-mail downloads a virus and can encrypt all of the data on your network. The hackers then hold your data ransom and demand that you pay them in order to unlock your data. The ransoms range from a few hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands, which is enough to put some small businesses out of business. While Cryptolocker is just one example of the ransomware that we’ve been seeing cause infections, other viruses and malware also have the ability to take down your network. Employee training is imperative when it comes to e-mail best practices to help avoid infection.
  2. With their smartphone
    In an age of high-demand for bandwidth and over-the-top media consumption, Millennial employees want speed. That means they’re usually going to use their personal devices to connect to your business wifi network. An infected smartphone (yes, that’s a thing) allows to hacker to connect through to the network and into your server, with access to shutting down your network. Employees can also connect to public wifi and expose your business data and e-mail to the world. It only takes one sensitive file with customer information to be hacked and sold on the black market for you to get sued and lose everything. Yeah, the security of your data and BYOD are THAT important.
  3. With their ignorance
    Sorry. We had to say it. Not to insult your ability to recruit savvy, intelligent employees, but ignorance of data security, data breach and technology in general leaves employees huge open targets to bringing down your organization. The reality is that most employees that aren’t specifically trained on best practices and what not to on computers have no idea that there are click-bait websites, social media platforms and music services that are specifically put in place to take advantage of ignorant employees. One click on the wrong article on Facebook can compromise your entire network and all your data.

What’s the moral to this story? It’s going to happen. Your employees are going to do something to compromise your network. We see it every single day. You need to have the quickest, most cost effective (for your budget) solution that minimizes your workflow impact and gets you back up and running quickly from an acceptable recovery point.

Not sure what that looks like? Contact a trusted IT professional and they can give you insight on your options.

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