Protect your business-critical data from loss and stay compliant and productive with a backup and restore solution. Here are our top 10 reasons why you need SaaS Data Protection. What would you add to the list?

1. SaaS vendors can’t protect you from yourself (or others).
If you accidentally delete a file or record, or hackers destroy your data, it may be lost forever since your SaaS vendor is obligated to carry out your requests and can’t tell if the request was accidental or malicious. It’s up to you to minimize the risk of user-driven data loss.

2. Vendors can’t always get your data back (and if they can, it won’t be easy).
SaaS vendors don’t generally offer data recovery. does, but it’s expensive and takes weeks just to get started—and there’s no guarantee they can fully restore the data.

3. Hackers hack. You need a secure backup plan.
Valuable data you keep in SaaS applications can be irrecoverably lost to a hacker’s efforts, unless you have a secure solution in place to back itup and get it back.

4. The insider threat is a top cause of data breaches.
Whether it’s intentional sabotage or careless error doesn’t matter. If an inside source compromises sensitive data in your SaaS apps, you need a way to undo the damage.

5. You’re only human – and human error causes 64% of data losses.
When employees make inevitable mistakes like accidentally deleting or changing something, a backup solution that instantly restores it minimizes the impact.

Top 10 Reasons you Need SaaS Data Protection

6. Data sync errors can erase, corrupt or otherwise ruin your data.
You can’t prevent sync errors when you’re importing data from an app or syncing a device. But good backup can prevent a permanent data loss.

7. Data sync errors can erase, corrupt or otherwise ruin your data.
Auditors want proof you’re complying with regulatory requirements for data accessibility both on-premises and in the cloud – is sure your SaaS data covered to meet compliance demands?

8. Dumpster diving is not an adequate data recovery strategy.
Before you go looking for a file in the trash, remember G Suite and Salesforce both permanently delete trashed items within a month, or whenever the user tells them to do so.

9. It’s more than recovery. It’s restore.
With a backup solution that restores your data exactly the way it was at any point-in-time, you’ll never waste time painstakingly recreating labels, file structures, reports, and sharing settings.

10. Good SaaS data protection helps with data quality, too.
If you don’t know that data quality issues are affecting your backups, you can’t address them. You need a solution that provides complete visibility into the status of your data and backups.

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