Customers today demand world-class service. Is your center providing it? According to a recent customer experience report, there is a two in three chance that the service delivered at your center is OK, poor, or very poor. That leaves a lot of room for improvement!

Only 37% of brands received good or excellent customer experience index scores this year. 64% of brands got a rating of “OK,” “poor,” or “very poor” from their customers.

Source: Forrester’s Customer Experience Index, 2012

Improve Customer Satisfaction with Customer Service Training

The most effective way to improve low customer satisfaction scores is to invest in customer service training for front-line employees. A successful company must have employees who communicate with customers in a genuine and professional manner. Customers may not remember the steps an agent took to resolve their issue, but they’ll certainly recall how the agent made them feel. Customer service training that emphasizes and teaches positive attitude, vocal control, and consistent communication skills will ensure that all employees express a willing and professional desire to serve.

Create World-Class Customer Experiences with Customer Service Training

Providing a world-class customer experience is fundamental to improving and maintaining high customer satisfaction scores, customer loyalty, and customer longevity. Customer service training for contact center employees provides much needed communication skill development for newer employees and positive reminders for more seasoned personnel. After participating in customer service training, employees feel a renewed sense of purpose. Front-line service employees play a very important role in company success. When reminded of this, their enthusiasm is restored and they strive to provide the world-class experience that customers seek. Front-line service employees play a very important role in company success, and when reminded of this, their enthusiasm for going above and beyond for customers, and providing the world-class experience desired is restored.

Be proactive about improving your customer satisfaction scores today and invest in customer service training. To learn how customer service training can improve other important call center metrics read this post: How to Improve First Call Resolution: Invest in Customer Service Training.