Social media and doing business online

If you are doing business online, you can no longer afford to stay away from social media.

Many brands avoid it as much as they can because they believe that there is so much information that it is difficult to distil into anything useful without a lot of effort, and often their resources (human and otherwise) are sorely needed elsewhere. There are tools out there that can make monitoring top social channels and maintaining a functional web presence a possibility for most of the brands that were uncertain of their ability to handle social media because of sheer data volume. If this is not something that you feel like your brand is in the right place for, you should consider seeking out a top level SEO provider company if you can and inquiring about their social media management packages. You might find that they’re more affordable then you think.

How are your listening skills?

Is your brand keeping an ear open for opportunities to engage with your target audience?

Listening to what people are saying about your brand can provide you with a lot of useful data / information. For example, by listening to what people are saying you can get real-life perspectives from the people who are your ideal target audience. You can learn what these people want, need, like, and dislike, and you can take this information and do with it whatever you please. Listening in to top social channels is a great way to identify potential problems and address them before they reach the tipping point and become a social crisis; this happens when a brand ignores a situation because they were unaware of it, or they felt it was too difficult to address, or they made a serious error. Take a look at social media disasters of 2012 and 2013 and you will see plenty of examples of issues that could have been addressed by proactive brands before things got complicated and out of control.

Monitoring social media channels for mentions of your brand or related terms is a really smart move because it can help you locate people who are interesting in buying something you offer, alert you to shifts and changes in the trends in your industry, and even identify keywords that you can use to enhance your SEO campaigns now and in the future. Imagine being able to do all of these things and more, all with a little bit of patience, education, and perhaps a tool or two to help you make sense of the endless stream of consciousness that is social media today!

Your takeaway

It is vitally important that brands make an effort to listen. Regardless of how your brand chooses to approach the idea of listening there are likely tools out there that can help you accomplish your goals without impractical allocation of resources. I strongly recommend doing your best to adopt a social listening strategy and see what conversations can do for your brand!

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