Are you looking for ways to boost your customer support service?

Then offering live chat support may be the answer for you.

When your support staff chats in real-time with your online users, it gets as close as it can to the experience one has at a physical store. You create direct conversations and give your users the information they need.

Using live chat is more impactful than most other communication methods, especially when it comes to providing users with timely information. In this post, we’ll explore the many ways you can use live chat and grow your business.

Respond to questions faster

How quickly you respond to customers will determine whether a customer prefers your business or your competitor’s.

Enabling live chat means that your audience won’t have to wait for days and hours to hear from your business. They’ll get answers in real-time and resolve problems fast. Such interactions go a long way to build trust and create a strong brand image.

Improve your conversion rates

There’s a strong link between live chat interactions and an increase in conversion rates.

The big reason why live chat works is because it helps you personalize your interactions with customers.

Personalized interactions lead to 50% increase in sales revenue, making live chat support a compelling tool to grow your business fast.

Boost the average order value

Another way that live chat increases your sales is when conversations with a customer agent lead to the customer buying more or opting for a higher product tier.

In a live chat session, your customer support staff can explain the benefits of your products in a way that’s meaningful to your customer.

You can also empower your customer support to offer spot discounts and other offers that convince customers to buy more.

Bring down your customer support costs

Thanks to the availability of excellent live chat platforms, your support staff can support multiple people at once.

It depends on the issues your customers bring up and the expertise of your customer support specialist, but one staff member could help as many as five customers at a time with live chat.

If cost is a concern for you, then it’s worthwhile to do some testing and research to see the kind of returns you get by using live chat support. If you find that customer support issues are being handled faster and more effectively and that you’re getting more sales, then live chat is right for your business.

Improve user experience

Even when you provide useful information on your website, many customers will be unwilling to search for content themselves. This is because they experience fatigue from processing information online.

When you offer live chat support and sales on your website, you improve your customer’s user experience. When users can send a quick message and get instantaneous replies, their user experience becomes positive.

As a result, your audience will stay longer on your website increasing engagement and conversions.

Offer 24/7 support

Live chat combined with hiring remote workers will enable you to offer 24-hour customer support. You’ll be able to cater to customers from around the world and increase your reach.

You’ll find several live chat platforms today that allow you to carry out support tasks online via different devices. And this type of flexibility helps both your customers and your employees too.

Your workers will be able to support your customers easily and even when on the go. They’ll be more motivated to help people and can manage their work-life more easily.

Automate customer support

You can integrate live chat with AI to manage customer support issues more effectively. It’s common for customers to ask questions that can be answered with content from a database or your website.

Chatbots are great for automating some part of your customer support services. Using keywords, a chatbot tool can recognize the customer’s question and then automatically bring up the right information.

If the customer finds this interaction inadequate, they can then be redirected to live support personnel who takes over.

In this way, your support team can focus on more complex problems while minor issues are automatically handled with a chatbot.


Today, people expect more personalized interactions and faster response times from companies. And for small businesses, the best way to do this is by adding live chat support to your website.

It gives you the chance to step in before customers decide to leave your website. Something as small as a timely clarification, a discount offered during a conversation, or just the fact that your business is present can go a long way towards making customers like your business.

However, you want to create multiple options for your audience to get in touch with you. Live chat is one of the more powerful options that offers speed and personalization in your interactions with customers.

Remember to train your employees well and to track interactions so that you find ways to improve your customer support. In a very short time, you should see positive results.