Why Do Small Clients Matter?

Do you often wonder why your sales people struggle to reach their quota? Perhaps they are too preoccupied with chasing the great customer that will turn them into your company’s sales heroes. It’s a common tendency for b2b sales people to aim for that big client account, and it’s never a bad idea. But when it hinders your progress of making business with smaller possible clients, that’s where you should draw the line.

Whether your reps want to show off or increase their incentives, blindly chasing after the one big client is always detrimental. Your agents may end up neglecting the smaller b2b sales leads, such as not being prepared enough during b2b appointments with such clients, not showing enough enthusiasm, and not giving their all to close the deal. This is of course disastrous for your business. As an entrepreneur, you should teach your sales agents not to discriminate small clients. In fact, they may the one who will eventually lead your business to success.

Why do small clients matter?

  • Even if all you have are b2b sales leads for small clients, think about how closing these deals are be considerably easier: small business decision makers are easier to reach compared with those of large corporations where executive-level decision makers hide behind layers of red tape.
  • There is strength in numbers. When you have a lot of small clients comprising the bulk of revenue for your business, if an unfortunate situation occurs and you lose one or two of these accounts, your business will barely feel the loss of revenue. What is more, replacing these lost accounts will be much easier compared to larger clients.
  • Small clients tend to have small, frequent projects, which means that you can profit more from having only a minimum-sized workforce.
    Smaller clients have more room for growth, and when they do, your business will be right there growing with them. Taking good care of your thriving small clients means more business for you in the long run.
  • In the event that your small client does fail in business and collapse, never fear. When they start looking for new jobs, the professional connections you have made with the employees there will provide your company with fresh new b2b sales leads.
  • When your small client turns out to be a delinquent (never paying on time or often paying in increments) and business seems to be deteriorating, you will not have a hard time ending the contract. You can easily save resources and workers and prevent your business from being dragged along to the bottom.

No matter how large or small, your sales team should treat all b2b sales leads with equal importance and delicacy. When small b2b sales leads are closed, they still mean revenue for your company.

This post originally appeared at CallBoxInc