Every day, I hear about a different chatbot on the market. It’s a crowded space, with lots of noise and competition.

I also hear, almost daily, how chatbots, AI and automation in CX will eliminate countless jobs, as adoption grows in the coming years.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this. I get it – I understand why people are sounding alarms. But I don’t believe we are on the cusp of massive layoffs and unemployment. In fact, based on the experiences of the companies with which I work, I’m seeing a very different trend – one filled with opportunity and headcount growth.

When done right – chatbots are leading to a strategic reorganization of the customer service department, and new jobs (arguably better, more engaging jobs) are being created to support an automation-first strategy.

Some companies are calling it the ACX (Automated Customer Experience) department.

The banking industry saw a similar trend with the introduction of ATM machines. While folks were convinced bank tellers were going to be fired in droves, the opposite was true – this new, automated, labor-saving technology actually created more jobs. You can read about it here. And it wasn’t just with banking and ATMs. The same is true of cashiers and the introduction of the cash register; paralegals and the introduction of electronic discovery software. And in all cases – the quality of work being done was improved and new jobs were created.

Along these lines, I see many organizations moving support resources into ACX roles to manage chatbots, build custom flows and ensure that an automation-first strategy is effectively deflecting the majority of inquiries.

In an ACX department, those handling support inquiries are freed to address the most mission-critical and meaningful interactions. Customer wait times are diminished, CSAT scores increase, customer churn is reduced and employee engagement soars. And here’s the best news – with the money being saved and new revenue being generated, companies are doubling down on their ACX investment and hiring more people.

An automation-first approach throws customer service on its head. With the right chatbot platform underpinning your customer journey, CX is no longer a cost centre, but a source of revenue. Which means more opportunity and yes – more jobs.

So I would urge the alarmists to put down their bells. Make thoughtful decisions about how to leverage chatbot technology and structure teams for success. And consider that this represents an opportunity to drive efficiency, cost savings, new revenue and yes…more jobs.

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A version of this post originally appeared here.