If you build the type of customer experience worth talking about, customers can’t help but talk about that. Word of mouth is key in customer loyalty.

TeleTech, a provider of customer experience strategy and solutions recently released the results of a survey of customer experience leaders.

This unique survey focused on getting at what professionals are thinking about most when it comes to customer experience, their challenges, their goals, and what they see for the future of customer experience.

Customer experience insight from industry thought leaders

(Source: TeleTech.com)

Greatest challenge to customer experience

35% of leaders surveyed said that their biggest challenge is aligning the organization around delivering an exceptional experience that generates buzz with their customer base.

Most important goal of experience leaders

20% of leaders reported that by far, generating revenue for the organization is the number one goal in their customer experience focus. I think that this number is low. Realistically this should be 100%.

The ultimate goal should be to generate success for your organization, customer experience is the means to achieving that success. Unless you’re a non-profit or a social service group, generating revenue has to be end goal for any business action.

The future of customer experience

35% of leaders see the future of customer experience in delivering service through a multichannel approach. I completely agree here. Multiple communications channel is key to being able to excel in the experience your customers will receive.

Being available in multiple ways is part of delivering service when your customers want it, where your customers want it, and how your customer want it.

Your thoughts? Are you surprised by any of the results? What customer experience leader trends stick out to you?