Prove ROI with Mobile ReportingTo answer the question posed in the title, let’s start by asking another question: what’s the biggest reason customers and consumers buy things? The universal truth is that people buy things in order to make their perceived and or real problems go away. It doesn’t matter if you’re a teenager trying to find the right acne medication or the CIO of a huge enterprise looking for the right software: both of these people have a problem which causes them friction in their life, and they want to ease that friction.

Unfortunately, before we can reap the benefits of our chosen solution we have to do just that. Choose. Shopping around can be an incredibly stressful experience, even if the goods you’re buying require only a relatively small life decision on your part. I know I get stressed just trying to pick out ingredients for dinner at the supermarket, so imagine what it would be like to buy a house or decide which vendor we choose at work. The stress doesn’t necessarily stop once the decision has been made either. In the business community especially, there will be constant pressure to justify any large purchase and make sure that implementation increases the company’s value.

This is why the one thing your customers want more than anything else is the relief of knowing they made the right decision – the proof that they chose the solution that solves their problem better than any other one. It’s the reason why sales people of today are required to be trusted experts, counseling prospects on the best, customized solution for their individual needs instead of just simply showing them a feature/benefit comparison. It’s the reason why Yelp is so popular, and why consumers rely so heavily on reviews and online research before they make purchase decisions.

In order to completely ease your customer’s mind and enable them to buy your solution confidently, you need to show them this proof. What’s more, you need to continue showing them even after you’ve accepted their money if you want to keep them loyal and coming back for more.

How You Can Give Your Customers The Proof They Need

Providing your customers with this kind of detail might be easier than you think. What’s the best, most trusted way you can think of to prove value to someone? Hint: Show them the numbers. Seriously, send your customer the data around how your service or product is bringing them value. You can do this by providing them with a good mobile reporting tool that showcases relevant data points and metrics so they can see exactly how good your product is.

At Roambi, we’ve seen customers do this so successfully that they increased their win rate to 80 percent after implementing this simple service. But there are a couple general rules to keep in mind if you want to provide mobile reporting to customers:

1.) Make it as Easy as Possible: This idea should manifest itself across several capacities. Your mobile reporting tool not only be as easy as possible to access but as easy as possible to understand as well. That means don’t send over Excel spreadsheets full of tabs and data tables, and don’t send over clunky PowerPoints as well. Your clients will want to view these metrics on the devices they carry around most – their mobile phones and tablets – so your solution should be designed for easy access on exactly those screens.

On top of that, remember that not everyone is used to analyzing data. So when you present it, it’s best to keep it visualized so viewers can easily spot trends and draw insights.

2.) Provide Only the Numbers That Matter: Don’t distract your customers with data they don’t absolutely need to know to understand the value of your offering. Make sure you display only the metrics that clearly demonstrate their ROI or how you increase their bottom line.  

3.) Provide Analysis Too: Like I said earlier, not everyone is easily able to look at a pile of numbers and quickly discern exactly what they mean. When you provide your customers with mobile reports, it’s always very helpful to include text analysis too that draws the correct conclusions.

The best way to honor these requirements is by using a mobile solution that can combine live data visualizations with text analysis, and any other rich media you might use as well. To learn more about how you can increase revenue and customer loyalty with your own customer reporting service, download our eBook below.