What Do They Think of Me

Our actions, mannerisms, speech, style of dress, and a host of other characteristics are being judged by those around you – all the time. And, regardless of what message we think we give, its others who make assumptions which we’re judged against. Whether they’re correct or not, an impression is made based on the unconscious signals we send. So, what do they think of me, or you?

If we don’t know, who’s at fault? Are we so immune from our surroundings and from the people we deal with, that we don’t even realize how we appear to others? I hope not.

What Do They Think of Me When…

Whether it’s an arms-crossed position taken by one friend speaking with another, or a person wiping the sweat off their hands while waiting for a job interview, to the teenage girl twirling her hair during a conversation with the high school star football player, our initial actions are the basis for much of the relationships we have with our friends, family, coworkers, and especially our customers.

Sometimes these “first impressions” are difficult to overcome.

We all know how awkward first dates are. We want to look and act our best but what we believe to be “best” may not be what your companion is interested in. This may lead to a second date that will either break the wrong impression or reinforce it. Depending on that outcome, the 3rd date may never happen.

Customers make their own first impressions of our business. They measure our actions against other businesses that have gone above and beyond to create the best possible shopping experience.

Great service businesses not only sell a product or service but create memories too. Their service is so memorable that the customer cannot envision doing business with anyone else.

How do you measure up to the best your competition has to offer?

So, the question you should ask yourself from time to time is, what do they think of me? You may say, “I don’t care what others think of me”. Really?

Well, maybe it’s time you did.