When we say not to always believe your customers, we aren’t implying that your customers are lying or that they’re bad people by their very nature. What we are saying is that sometimes when your customers are so caught up in whatever issue they’re having with your product or service they simply can’t come to grips with the idea that they’re either mistaken or flat out wrong. It’s best that you learn how to handle confrontational or overbearing customers before you actually come across them. As always, hope for the absolute best while you prepare for the absolute worst.

It’s Human Nature

It’s a simple fact that everyone likes to be right (especially my wife J ), no matter how major or minor the issue in question might be . No matter what kind of facts or information you bring to your customers, they still might not admit that they are wrong or allow themselves to see that they are wrong. You aren’t doing yourself or your customer any favors by simply going along or acquiescing to their demands. Not only should you provide them with quality services or products, you should also make sure you’re educating them on how to use those products and services, which sometimes means gently showing them that they were mistaken.

It Takes a Village to Raise a Business

As a business owner, you’re probably used to dealing with customers of all types. That also means that you should expect to deal with complaints and issues of all types. Before you get upset with anything that a customer says, realize that not all customers will praise you in the same way. Some of them may praise and insult you in the same breath.

They Want to Sound Smart

The internet has made it easy to look up information and end an argument or answer a question. The downside to this is that some of your customers will want to sound smart, even though they probably don’t know as much about your product, service or industry as they think. Realize that some customers simply want to flex their intellectual muscles. While you’re taking care of them, try to teach them something new so that they have a new pearl of wisdom to show off.

Use Tact

No matter how obvious or tempting it might be, never tell a customer that you think that they’re lying or wrong. This can tarnish your business reputation and cause you to lose a customer and possibly even future business. Remember that the main goal of customer service is to take care of the customer and fix their problem, which you can’t do if they feel as though you’re attacking them. Use the customer complaint as a learning experience and a chance to WOW your customers.

Use Your Tools

To better take care of your customers and do so more efficiently, use remote session tools like LogmeinRescue to take a look at their screen in order to confirm the problem yourself. Such tools are especially useful if your business is in the technical industry and customers aren’t able to efficiently and correctly explain what the problem is. Remote session and other helpful tools can help take care of customer issues faster than ever.