So back in late June we upgraded to the Verizon FiOS Ultimate HD Package. The experience was a bit frustrating but it was not Verizon’s fault. And as I have mentioned in the past Verizon’s customer service is rather awesome. And let me tell you why.

So why was I frustrated?

Basically, before I could enjoy the 560 channels and Internet access of 150/65, that is Ultimate HD — Verizon needed to upgrade our hardware. Now I am geek at heart. So I could not wait for all these upgrades. Verizon came out with a new Optical Network Terminal (ONT) and router. In short an ONT is just fancy talk for “that beige (now grey) box that Verizon attaches to the side of your house.”

Verizon FiOS

The technician made quick work of installing, detaching, attaching and testing. But when he said “OK,” there was no joy in Mudville, AKA my house. We had no Internet access, the phones were not working and no 560 channels.

So the technician quickly went to work. He was trying to figure out why nothing was working. I mean, he called support, he tested and retested. And everything looked good on the part of Verizon. But there was still no, joy.

After sometime the Verizon technician called for back-up.

The technician just needed more help in figuring out this connectivity issue. When the new technician arrived there were another battery of tests. We finally got phone but there was still no joy for the TV and Internet.

Finally, the Verizon technician walks up to me and hands me a cable.

And the cable has a staple through it. This staple had cut through part of the cable. And this is what was preventing us from getting online and watching TV. So he ran a new cable and explained that we should be fine and we were.

We hoped on the Internet, flipped through a few channel and made some calls. The technician only left once we were happy and even then he hung around a bit longer.

It’s that kind of customer service that makes me a huge fan of Verizon FiOS.