It’s a well-known fact in marketing that a satisfied consumer will not only return and buy again, but also bring more customers. Consumers trust recommendations from friends and family the most. Word of mouth marketing  has always been praised as one of the most powerful forms of marketing. Power lies in the cost-effectiveness ratio. With little or almost no cost, amazing results can be achieved.  And Internet is the right place where potential of word of mouth marketing can be fully exploited.

For this reason, companies should not look at customer  only as a source of income, but as  potential marketers. However, this requires a complete new change in approach. Have a look at these five tips which can help you to come up with a winning strategy.

Understand Key Factors of Customer Satisfaction

The first and necessary step is to have satisfied customers. It means offering a superior product with extraordinary service, support and delivery. However, even that is not enough. You should always try to go extra mile. Don’t just try to meet their expectation, but always aim to exceed them. Think of the ways to surprise them. Connect with customers on  a personal level. Make them feel special. Show that you care, listen to what they really need, talk with them… Establish feedback channels and gather customer information. Measure customer loyalty to find out what you could be doing better. Don’t hurry, it takes time to build loyalty, but in the long-term everybody will be happier.

Make It Easy To Spread The Word

Having loyal customers is not enough. Sometimes they need a little push to spread the word. Include a “Send to friend“ button on every campaign and landing page. Add social media buttons on your content making it easy to share. Make sure that all the links work and are easy to use.

Encourage Recommendations and Testimonials

There are plenty of online review websites where people discuss various services and products.  Having your company mentioned there can mean a lot for your reputation, especially on local level. Start simply by asking customers for an honest  online review. You can ever offer some kind of incentive, but don’t go overboard.  Satisfied customers would be happy to put in a nice word without a reward,  especially when you are good at what you do. Also, create professional presence on all the popular review websites.

Connect With Users on Social Media

Rise of social media brings new possibilities in word-of-mouth marketing. Sometimes, even seeing that a friend is a fan of a certain product can make people curious what the product is about. But don’t rely only on attracting fans. Interact with customers directly on social media. Start a conversation, ask them for an opinion, answer questions, give support and advice. Offer something unique only for the fans. It will increase not only  customer loyalty, but it will attract attention of their friends as well.

Reward Referrals

Reward your loyal customers for every successful recommendation. Create a referral system where people will get a reward for every new customer they bring. This way they will have a feeling of both helping a friend and being recognized. These rewards can range from discounts, gift certificates, cash payment and more. Have in mind that reward has to be something customers would really appreciate.