Customer care leaders are ready to invest. According to September 2016 research by McKinsey, investing in new technologies is a top priority for almost half of customer care leaders. Legacy contact center solutions aren’t equipped for the digital transformation in customer service and limit companies from delivering on a long-term strategic vision for competing on customer experience. In fact, 80% of contact center leaders don’t believe their current technology will meet their future needs, and 40% say it doesn’t do so now!

Before you define your 2017 budgets and dive into an intensive period of testing solutions, consider the results your digital customer service software should deliver. It starts with better relationships.

1. Deeper relationships and trust with relationship routing

Personalized service creates positive associations in the customer, which leads to increased loyalty and more spending over time. Relationship routing is a key feature of digital customer service software which can help make this happen. When customers who have previously contacted you are routed to the agents who helped them before, relationships between customers and agents are created. The customer feels better about their personalized service and the agent is more equipped to provide the service the customer needs.

2. Increased resolution efficiency with skill-based routing

Just like customers, agents are unique individuals with specific sets of skills. From knowledge of a specific subject to facility with a particular digital channel, there’s a right agent for every customer query. Skill-based routing will immediately increase efficiency. By automatically delegating tickets to the right agent the first time, smart technology can increase first-contact resolution (FCT), meaning that more problems get solved more quickly and efficiently.

3. Organized conversations with ticket threading

Conversations can move across multiple channels before a resolution is found, and it’s important to maintain context throughout service interactions. On public forums, especially social media, a single customer complaint can very quickly snowball into a wide-ranging litany of complaints as other customers join in. Ticket threading effectively aggregates and organizes customer queries so agents can use their energy to help customers, rather than to try and stay organized.

4. Prioritized posts with influence routing

Highly visible posts and influential customers need to take priority. It’s important to identify your most visible and influential customers, and to cater to them with the utmost speed and efficiency. Influence routing allows you to do just that. Your more important customers (big spenders, high authority) automatically skip to the head of the queue so you can solve their problems first, leading to more widespread positive sentiment.

5. Preferred service for customers with cross-channel integration

Along with a sense of tailored service, customers want to be served wherever they are. But that doesn’t mean care agents need to keep dozens of tabs open on their browsers. By integrating numerous digital channels (social media, live chat, Messenger, email, mobile apps), the best platform brings all the diversity of digital channels into one easy-to-use interface. It will be easier for your agents to keep track of customers across channels, and to serve them on their channel of preference, without making them channel-hop.

6. More empathy with built-in CRM

Knowing your customers personally helps build empathy, with positive long-term results. Making it easier to serve more customers more quickly is only one job of customer service software. More than that, built-in CRM allows you to know your customers better, so you can serve them with more empathy by knowing their interests and their general style of communication.

Built-in CRM

7. Greater trend awareness with keyword monitoring

Customers are always talking about you, but not always exactly where you expect them to. A solution with keyword-based monitoring lets you set specific parameters, from keywords to brand names and topics, so you can filter out the noise of the internet and focus on what’s really important to your brand. Keyword monitoring helps you stay in touch with current customers, and convert potential customers.

8. Reduced agent burnout with great UX

The turnover costs for one front-line employee is $10,000 to $15,000. Investing upfront in the right digital customer service software can greatly reduce agent burnout, saving you money and improving your service. When it comes to the technology they’ll be using on a daily basis, great UX is irreplaceable. When the software is easy to use, your agents will be happier and will work more efficiently to serve your customers better.

9. A streamlined service process with smart automation

Automate the right parts of the customer service experience so agents can do the hard work of building human connections. Auto tagging is one key feature that will streamline your digital customer service process, helping your agents respond more quickly. Set the parameters and then automatically sort incoming queries by related topics.

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