Are you looking for the best customer feedback software to capture the inputs that your customers think of you?

Your business could have grown multi-folds if you cared about customer feedback. As a business looking to grow, your customers are the king you need to consider always.

So, customer feedback is the requirement of time. So, this blog would attempt to discuss customer feedback and the means of measuring it with the help of the right kind of customer feedback app.

It is imperative in today’s market that businesses collect feedback from their customer all the time. Equally significant is the method you use to collect your customer feedback.

That is the reason we have placed together with the best kind of customer feedback and give them a better experience.

Top 7 customer feedback software that will rule 2022

To understand how customer feedback can be collected and further it could be used to collect customer feedback, let us check the 7 best tools that can possibly rule the market in 2022.

  1. PiHappiness
  2. Podium
  3. UserReport
  4. CustomerSure
  5. UseResponse
  6. GetSatisfaction
  7. AskNicely


This software gives you the convenience of having everything at your beck and call. You can monitor your surveys also receive instant notifications on your parent device. You can easily access your reports and dashboards whenever you need them. This customer feedback software helps you explore the data to its complete extent. Make sure that you have more easy access to the information of survey summary with the software that probably gives you the best possible experience in a customer survey. It comes with external features like Analytics, data feed in real-time, and survey summary.


This is a cloud-based platform that can effectively conglomerate online reviews from several sites into one single dashboard. The tool can monitor and effectively collect online reviews, something no other platform has shown the ability to do so much.

A podium would allow businesses to take a proactive stance in soliciting online feedback that can further generate business. The aggregate workboard gives it the ability to enable small enterprises to manage their complete online feedbacks, reviews, plus communications into one single place.

It comes with unique features of consolidated feedback solution, intuitive and instant feedback.


True to every word of it, this customer feedback software is one set of flexible tools to tell you about your users and their aspirations in terms of achievement. This customer feedback software is self-explanatory.

UserReport has been based on two basic tools – a feedback forum and a survey. Running successfully as an integrated portion of your app or website, it gives you the ability to create a direct interaction with all your users also understand who your users would be, their requirements, and their insights into your improvement. These features make it the ultimate product feedback software out in the market.

This customer feedback software comes with Google Analytics integration, easily can be used, and absolutely free.


CustomerSure is one customer follow-up and feedback tool that aims at getting businesses much close to their target consumers. The best part regarding software is the way it allows businesses to automatically collect also respond to feedback from every customer of yours.

With the actionable, real-time feedback, CustomerSure would help the business to grow by making sure that the main customer experience gets delivered each time. The best part regarding this app is the way it focuses not merely on the satisfaction measurement of customers by ensuring prime quality customer care is delivered every time. The best part regarding this app is how it would focus on not merely measuring satisfaction but also on making it really easy for you to improve the app also. However, this customer feedback app is a little high on price.

It is laced with features like streaming central feedback, no kind of fuss-task management, and has features like HelpDesk and Reviews.


A customer service app mostly offers more than just customer or product feedback. UserResponse organizes those help centers and gives customer support throughout all channels. You could receive access to some of your clients on live chat, along with the community and feedback forum that this customer feedback software offers. This comes with pricing that is marginal, help desk integrations, and software.


This works on a concept that you need to listen to customers yet pay greater attention towards reacting fast to customer feedback. Most industry-leading companies trust this customer experience and drive their engagement throughout channels. Recently, it has joined hands with Verint to build a VoC solution that gives better solutions to gauge customer inputs.


This is a platform that primarily processes and measures NPS, the industry benchmark to measure prediction and loyalty growth. The main point is AskNicely has been equipped to do this from merely one question.

NPS surveys ask their customers what is the likelihood of your customers recommending your business on a scale of 1 to 10. The question would measure the loyalty of customers. The way this business is designed helps alert your business before your customers would leave and switch to your competitor.

This comes with a dashboard that is user-friendly analytics and gives real-time data along with one efficient and simple user interface.

How do you think customer feedback tools could make all the difference?

No matter what efforts you are putting in, the ultimate thing is – did you ask your customers what they want? Have you ever thought of finding out why or why not the customers are or aren’t stopping by at your store to buy? Did you ever ask them why? If you did, did you ask them enough?

There lies a fine line between what you follow up with your customers while they are fresh rather than troubling them with emails spam and constantly nagging them about your product feedback. There are these extremely sophisticated customer feedback surveys and software that are helping the business revolutionize its product innovation and service delivery.

After all, it is not just about delivering the best of customer service but understanding how to go further in your process of delivering better services this time, every time. The above written 7 customer feedback software are just some of these extremely suave and consumer savvy feedback tools that are getting fast, appropriate and accurate customer insights without getting into the nerves of the customers.