With increased pressure on cost control, it is essential for businesses to utilize their resources in the most optimal way and drive better business outcomes. To help accomplish this, businesses must understand customer value and opportunity value when evaluating the handling of an interaction.

Customer segmentation strategies allow businesses to focus on servicing, retaining, and developing high value customers. Low value/low opportunity customers are directed to lower-cost service options, including self and assisted service.

Companies typically do a pretty good job of providing exceptional service to their elite customers (the top 5-10% of their customer base). The problem is most companies treat the remaining 90% of their customers the same, as if they were all Mass Market customers applying an “Equal service for all” approach.

But this approach is costing you customers and revenue.

By focusing on the potential opportunity for each interaction, and making an intelligent and informed decision of what outcome you want to drive towards you can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty but also increase your sales conversion rates and wallet share for example.

Here are 3 tips that will help you create a strategy that maximized customer value using intelligent contact center routing decisions:

  1. Create a customer life cycle map – Depending on where the customer sits in the customer lifecycle, and their recent interaction history, there could be many different combinations that SHOULD drive prioritization. It could seem like a lot, but if you can think of the use cases, an integrated system can automatically manage your business rules and prioritization for you.
  2. Interact with the customer when he is in a ‘doing business state-of-mind’. When customers visit your website but do not continue with a transaction, follow up using proactive contact. Let them know you value their interest and that you would like to continue the conversation.
  3. Remember the customer – When future contact is made with the contact center, make sure you are aware of past interactions. Promote your customer out of the IVR and to a live agent that has full context of past interactions and the customers’ needs.

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