When I see and analyze the complaints that I see from Internet Service Providers, Mobile phone operators, banks, shops and other businesses, I notice one key aspect. Many business providers do not understand their customer(s) at all. What does the customer want? Do you know about the KYC – Know Your Customer concept?

The customer of today is complicated :- has high expectations and changing needs. The customer is well-informed, and knows want they want. They want to feel valued. Never has the tag line ‘Customer is King’ become so real in today’s business world.

You can make a difference to your customer by delivering on:

  1. Quality Product. The customer wants quality in the product that you are selling. Quality is everything.
  2. Excellent Service. Customer service is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase. Most businesses value their customers during the time of purchase. After that, they dump them. What do you do to your customers before and after? The Customer of today wants excellent service and a smooth experience when they come to your business. This means even if you have a quality product, the customer may never come back if they feel you’ve offered them an experience that’s below par.Your most important customers may not just be the new ones, but the returning ones. The returning customers have a higher chance of bringing new ones.
  3. Value-added services – the small little things that seem meaningless on face value, yet they make a customer feel appreciated. A call to a customer or a small ‘Thank You’ or ‘Birth day’ card can make a huge difference to a customer. It can be the only one thing that retains the customer with you. Kenya’s Safaricom is a good example. They may not have the clearest calls, but customers always stick with them because of the value added services that they offer.

Few businesses have taken time to study the reasons why they have low customer retention levels. Suppose you knew why your customers come to buy from you but do not return. This could be invaluable to your business. That is why customer feedback is not to be resented or fought. Your most angry customer can be the greatest source of learning. Listen to your customer. Customers leave from your business either satisfied or unsatisfied. There are no two ways to it.