If you confuse them…

A block of white in a sea of blue on a ground of green.

If they don’t believe you…

A white mansion on a perfectly manicured lawn existing in an area where the sky is always blue and the sun always shines.


If you bore them…

It’s a white house.

You have lost them

Have you ever opened a website that had so much going on you didn’t know where to look?  Have you ever visited a website that used so much jargon that you had to read it several times to figure out what the business actually did?

Have you read a blog that tried to tell you so many different things that you couldn’t figure out what the author wanted you to know?

Have you ever opened a website, blog or print ad with wall-to-wall words, no images, no Headings, nothing to break up the monotony?  If the text was also boring, how did you react?

Have you ever visited a website that took so long to open that you became bored and moved on to the next  website in your Google results?

Have you ever seen a “call to action” that promised you something for nothing?  Or opened a sales letter offering you something that was absolutely FREE?  Did you believe it?  If you tried to get your “free” stuff and found out that it wasn’t really free?  How did that make you feel?

Marketing is about telling the right stories to the right people at the right time.  But it is also about making your content interesting, making sure that your target audience understands what you are trying to say, and (most importantly) it is about telling the truth.

If you can do those things consistently, and use the marketing platforms your targeted customers are likely to visit, you have a better than average chance of converting viewers into customers.