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When callers ring your business, they expect you to have the solution to their problem. And solving their problem begins the moment they hear your greeting. That’s why your company may need departmental voicemail greetings – to help solve their problem quickly and efficiently.

Depending on the size and complexity of your business, calls can route any number of directions. But it’s up to you to help each caller get to the team member who can solve his or her problem.

Sometimes, routing calls through your general voicemail greetings is as simple as connecting the caller immediately to the team member with the solution.

But other times, your system will have to connect the caller to a department. And if no one is available to answer that call, you’ll need to rely on departmental voicemail greetings to capture a message and critical information.

Here are three reasons why each department in your company may need a customized professional voicemail greeting.

#1: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

If your company is large enough to use departmental voicemail boxes, each department needs a customized greeting – written and recorded just for them.

In order to serve customers well, your departments may need to communicate specific information to the caller such as a phone number for emergencies. Your team may also need to specific information from your customer such as an account number or a detailed explanation of the problem.

Each of your departments may have different informational needs that determine how the voicemail greeting is written.

When it comes to departmental voicemail greetings, one size does not fit all.

#2: Brand Consistency is Key

It’s important to have brand consistency across all of your communication channels, including telecommunications.

When callers hear your professional voicemail greeting they should each hear the same corporate messaging you use across all of your marketing touchpoints, as well as a high-quality level of writing, voice talent and sound.

Because quality is paramount, you don’t want to leave it to Joe in accounting to write and record the professional voicemail greeting for his department.

You want that left to the professionals – either you and your telecommunications team or a professional consultant who has experience in producing voicemail greetings for businesses.

Brand consistency keeps your messaging on track and your professional voicemail greetings, well, professional.

#3: Feedback Is Critical

When it comes to automated voicemail systems and professional voicemail greetings, customer feedback is everything.

If your departmental voicemail greetings are poorly written or recorded, you may be missing critical information that helps you serve your customer. You may not be giving the information customers need and you may not be getting the information that you need.

Ensuring that all of your departmental greetings across the board are getting the feedback needed to do their jobs and represent your company includes knowing the following:
• Calls answered
• Calls dropped
• Calls rerouted
• Hold times
• Customer feedback

You don’t know what you don’t know – so it’s critical to monitor the feedback from your departmental voicemail greetings.