Most of your customers aren’t going to tell you how they really feel about their experience. That’s why getting the true outside-in perspective is a critical but difficult part of your business strategy. Here are 13 thing you will never hear them say to you.

1. My customer journey was treacherous, but I was determined to see it through.


2. This stock photo makes me feel like your team really knows their stuff.


3. A moment of surprise and delight could have won my loyalty.


(I said “delight,” silly!)

4. I can’t put my finger on it, but something just didn’t feel right and I probably won’t return.


(cough-cough… Microinteractions, people!)

5. I’m flattered you want to know so much about me!


6. Nothing could ever tear us apart.


7. If I’m not happy I’ll tell all 642 of my Twitter followers, and I might make some stuff up too.


8. If you had personalized my experience, I’m among the 40% who would have spent more.

(Just don’t make customers feel creeped out with stuff you shouldn’t know.)

9. I just played an exhilarating 26 minute game of Sudoku with your automated call center. (We both lost.)


10. I’ve been seeing someone else, but you still have a chance to win me over.


11. Thanks to your marketing department, I never feel lonely.


12. FYI: I’ve been sending your emails to my spam folder.


13. A different incentive may have won my loyalty.


The truth is right under your nose! But as business leaders, learning the truth about what customers feel throughout their journey is impossible from the inside out. Mystery shopping definitely won’t hurt, but an intensive Customer Experience Investigation™ can reveal all, and then some! Want to know more about how we do that? Connect with us!

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