With people around the world trying to save money wherever they can – and rightly so, times are hard – more and more websites are encouraging their users to enter discount codes at the checkouts, something they should be commended for in these tough economic times.

It’s good to see that even those trying to take our money appreciate how vital every single pound, Dollar and Euro is valued, and it’s also interesting to see how many websites are appearing now offering online discount codes to users. These sites, including the likes of Promo Codes to give just one example, join forces with the stores to offer customers discounts on all kinds of goods and services, helping to enhance their shopping experience and reduce the price of online shopping.

These sites allow users to search for discounts that are relevant to them, and even allow the users to receive daily or weekly emails detailing the ten most popular codes or the ones that might be the most relevant to them, helping them on their way to getting a great deal with their online shopping.

The majority of online stores inform users of the ability to get discounts at the end of their shopping, in the checkout section. Just below all the information about the delivery address, the item(s) and the price is often a section that reads “enter your promotional code.” This is where the code you’ve chosen is entered and it will then generate the offer. This offer can vary from anything including a percentage off the total price to free delivery or buy-one-get-one-free offers and all varies according to the sort of site.

By taking advantage of these online codes, which are becoming more and more popular with all kinds of e-commerce websites, customers are making substantial savings on their shopping and opting to make their purchases online as opposed to on the high street. Instead of paying to park their car in town, they’re getting their goods delivered to their home for free by using free delivery codes; or instead of paying $30 for a top, they’re saving 10% by using a money off code online, ensuring more pennies stay in the bank account for longer. Cash back!