Customer service is both an art and a science. Effective customer service teams require that we deliver on both the practice of the art and the principles of the science of exceptional customer service.

Art & Science of Customer Service

The very best customer service involves the science of understanding the mechanics of words, processes, workflows, and actions that customers are looking for from a service provider. At the same time, customer service involves creating the right feeling, drawing out positive emotions, making connections, and developing relationships with those whom we serve.

Is customer service an art or a science? The answer is yes.

Nancy VanderWaerdt, State Farm Insurance

The Science of Customer Service

Customer service is a science as we focus on observing and studying the right principles and actions that result in happy and loyal customers. Scores of books and articles focus on the processes customer service leaders and teams can focus on to get customer service right.

The science of service is the approach that service can be broken down into specific component actions and processes that can be controlled, improved, and measured, a sort of six sigma of great customer service to improve workflows and work to develop the perfect customer service system.

The Art of Customer Service

Customer service is also an art as we focus on what best words, behaviors, and environments needed to instill the most positive emotions in customers leading to an exceptional customer experience and future customer loyalty.

Creatively implementing and delivering the principles studied in the science of customer service is an art. It takes imagination to take general customer service principles and deliver it in a way that stands out from the competition.

Master the Art and Science of Customer Service

Mastering customer service and delivering an exceptional customer experience takes creativity and resourcefulness. It’s about applying the principles of the science and the practices of the art of customer service.

The most effective customer service companies know that it takes a careful balance between the two, sensitivity to customer situations, customer circumstances, and the skill and imagination to take action that is focused on the needs of the customer.

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