Customer service is something businesses seem to have a hard time tackling. Before you can provide great service, you need to know what makes great service. Contact centers are where people go to have their problems answered, and there are 6 keys that they need to know in order to provide the level of service that customers not only expect – but leaves them feeling better than before they picked up the phone. There are six keys of great customer service: working together, social media risks and opportunities, remote working, power of voice, voice clarity, and going with wireless voice. Let’s take a look at a few of these, then check out the others on your own to see where you could improve your business.

Working Together

When you answer the phone at the contact center, you’re looking to answer a question. The issue is that there is a huge disconnect between how well companies think they’re doing, and how customers perceive the help they receive. 80% of companies think they provide great service, but only 8% of customers agree with them.

To bridge that gap, employees need to be motivated through trust and empowerment, have an adaptable working environment tailored for the modern worker, and utilize technology that fits how and where employees work.

Social Media Risks and Opportunities

Social media now allows businesses to now connect with an entire audience at once, on a very public platform. Changing the face of customer service from one-on-one, to one-to-many. Some best practices for getting social media right are: learn by listening — use social tools to find out what people are saying about your brand, note where you heard it and let customers communicate with you over their preferred channel, remember that voice becomes the powerful ultimate destination in a multi-channel customer journey, and ditch the script by empowering your agents.

Power of Voice

Voice is a powerful tool that can keep customers engaged. 87% of customers say their sense of importance is communicated by an agent’s tone of voice. To increase to impact of speech, agents should try following one – or all – of these tips:

Power: Vary the volume of voice to add emphasis.

Pace: Speak at a rate that enables optimal comprehension.

Pitch: Add subtle tonal variations.

Pause: Break up the conversation to grab attention and add emphasis.

Read on to learn about the other 3 keys to improving customer service.

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