1. Understand Your Customers
Understanding your customers is essential to establishing and maintaining relationships that deliver returning revenue as well as up-sell and cross-sell business. The best way to get to know your customers? Track them. Don’t wait until your CRM alerts you that an account is up for renewal. Capture developments at strategic accounts as they occur. Follow your customers on social media so you’re the first to congratulate them on a business development. Learn their corporate landscape so you have multiple internal sponsors in the case that your primary contact leaves the company.

2. Create a Vibrant Customer Relations Team
A motivated and committed customer relations team is pivotal to management of customer
relationships. Your account managers should be the first people to whom your customers turn for any product related questions or issues. Every customer should know exactly who they need to call when they encounter a question, and how to reach them. Your customer success team is your direct connection to your organization’s revenue. Everyone in your organization should get involved in customer success management. Your marketing team should monitor customer interactions on social media, whether they be complaints or praises, and they should respond quickly with accurate information. Your product team should stay in contact with customers to uncover product improvements, and your sales team should work with customers to discover cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. When you think of customer success as an organization-wide responsibility, your customers will develop strong loyalty to your organization.

3. Maintain a Strong Online Presence
Not every customer service request requires personal assistance. But we also should avoid directing all customers to an automated phone service that’s difficult to trudge through in search of answers. Your website should be easy to navigate, and customers should be able to find what they need. Make sure you take advantage of Google Analytics to optimize your customer experience online. You should make the right resources available to customers. If you create and promote a guidebook on how get started with your product, your customer service team may not have to do as much work onboarding a new customer. These actions go a long way in strengthening your organization’s customer relations and increasing customer loyalty, which we know leads to returning revenue.

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