user conference successAs an established organization builds a strong user conference base, it more intricately understands the opportunities presented in hosting the conference and the challenges involved in meeting all stakeholders’ goals, thriving under high visibility, and handling all logistics.

The organization also understands the importance of the partnerships that are built between companies and their customers and the value of firsthand product knowledge in moving prospects through the buying cycle.

Now, what is the next step once you have a conference in place and an increasingly established, sophisticated, and growing customer base? What will keep your participants and attendees coming back year after year?

Answer: maximize the value of the event by getting out of logistics mode and focusing on a more personalized event experience for each participant.

Current event management technology is designed to help organizations with this very issue. As their user conferences grow into more sophisticated machines, there is a need for more advanced technology to better engage and to deliver a productive experience for all stakeholders.

Build Your Organization’s Brand

Your user conference creates high visibility for your organization and its brand. Develop a strong and consistent look and feel throughout the entire event to create a seamless experience that supports your brand-building goals and secures your market position.

Email invitations, the registration process, websites, mobile applications, event check-in and follow up contacts all need to reinforce your brand and reputation.

Maintain an Intimate Environment

Most user conferences start out relatively small making it easy to create valuable dialogue and deliver relevant information to its participants. As conference attendance grows, a challenge arises to maintain an environment that provides these valuable interactions. However, in order for your conference to remain relevant on a large scale, you must maintain a sense of intimacy.

This goal can be accomplished through delivering tailored content to various participant and attendee types. Sessions, activities, information, communications, and connections can all be targeted to support an ever growing number of different attendee types without losing impact.

Personalize the Experience

Powerful results come from giving participants the tools to create personalized conference experiences. Enlist the help of technology to deliver these experiences through personalized agendas which can include session and activity recommendations and matched meetings for meaningful connections.

When participants are given a personalized view of the event which reflects only their unique preferences it creates distinct value for that individual. When an attendee’s ROI is maximized there is an increased likelihood they will continue to return to the event year after year.

Connect People

Create valuable connection building opportunities for participants because after education, networking is a top attendee priority.

Wading through crowds of people to potentially create the right connection is typically impossible and mostly frustrating. Facilitate productive connections between individuals through self-scheduled or matched appointments that can be managed through event technology. This process ensures participants are introduced to the right people which are the most likely to generate business and revenue.

Create a Meaningful Follow Up Process

The real value of the user conference comes from the ability to move prospects and customers efficiently through the buying cycle.

First, connect event management and marketing automation platforms. The two systems share event activity, engagement and attendee data so that more powerful participant profiles can be used to strengthen the marketing follow up process and drive post-event sales.

The benefit to attendees and participants is receiving a more relevant event follow up tailored to their specific needs at their unique point in the buying cycle.


Your user conference offers the ultimate opportunity to connect with partners, prospects, customers and influencers. Capitalize on every opportunity to build your organization’s brand, maintain an intimate environment, personalize the user experience, facilitate connections and provide meaningful follow up.

Take your user conference from good to great through advanced event management technology which allows you to get out of logistics mode and further your attendee experiences ultimately driving customer loyalty, solidifying your market position and generating new sales.