There’s a lot of talk about the best approach to Customer Success. What platform to use, what process to follow, which playbook to instrument. The list goes on and on as there is no simple answer, and as they say – there are many ways to skin the cat.

In midst of all the talk are the super trooper CSMs – the people in the trenches working hard to ensure that our most important assets, our dear customers, are satisfied with our product and gain enough value to stay with us for many years to come. Some of those amazing customers get up on stage on our behalf, participate at events, and serve as advocates referring other like-minded individuals and companies our way. Thank you dear customers!

If you find yourself trying to figuring out the perfect day-to-day balance of tools, processes, and your own self-involvement, you’re like many customer success professionals. What we need to realize is that as individual CSMs and as CSM teams, we need to squeeze what we can from the tools, optimize our processes, but most importantly, we need to go the extra mile for our customers.

I’ve had the pleasure to work with amazing everyday CSM Super Heroes – you know who you are! Here are a few of your amazing qualities:

  • You’ve got your customer’s best interests in mind
  • You take the bullet for them, while trying to push through an important feature or a bug fix
  • You take the extra time to focus on the details because you know the difference between Good and Great. It’s those little details that can push the customer over the hump and get them on the right path to a successful journey
  • Customer Success is in your DNA – it can’t be faked, and it can’t be as amazing as it is when it comes naturally and from the heart

Considering all customer success factors being equal, I believe that the quality of the CSM makes a big difference (but of course I’m biased). If they never loved you in the first place, I mean your product, then it won’t matter, but if they do see value, then there is hope when times are rough. Throw some special CSM magic to revive them back into being a happy and healthy customer.

I thank all you amazing super heroes as our battle is not easy and not always straight forward. Keep your heads up high and spread the magic as it can ignite not only our customers, but also everyone we work with to see how we affect the satisfaction of our customers.

I challenge others not in CSM positions to ask themselves daily the following question: “What can I do today to make the life of my customers better, easier, and more fun?” It helps the team on the front line taking the bullets. Let’s cushion and soften the impact and elevate our organizations to infinite success!

Do you have any Super Hero CSM stories? Please share with us!