Have you ever felt that you are taken advantage of, your patience taken granted for? Today, I felt the same with a set of friends, family and strangers.

Today, I went to watch a movie to a movie hall. This was a high profile movie with great expectations. So, all of us in the cinema hall (INOX Lido) were eagerly waiting to watch the movie.

The cinema hall had a set of captive audience, so what did they do? They played ads at the start of the movie, for 15 mins. The movie was scheduled to start at 9:00 AM. They started playing ads at 9:00 AM.

We didn’t have much choice but to sit through those advertisements. The movie started and lived upto the expectations of the audience. Then comes the intermission.

After the mandatory 10 min break, the audience comes back to their seat and they are forced to sit through another 15 mins of advertisements.

There are multiple people who ask the management to stop showing more ads and instead start playing the movie but to no avail. Just because they had a captive audience, they played 15 mins of advertisement. AGAIN.

A couple of minutes into the 2nd time, the audience had stopped paying attention to the ads, by 5 mins, they were furious not only at the cinema management but also at the brands that were being showcased, which defeats the purpose of these being played – isnt it?

This reminds me of a video that Gary Veynurchuk released, talking about how “Marketers Ruin Everything”. You can watch this video below:

So, if you have complete attention of your audience or customers or prospects, would you respect it and use it responsibly (With Great Power comes Great responsibility) or would you rather want to be the marketer who ruins everything?

Would you prefer a golden egg everyday or kill the goose that laid them to get them all..

Your choice –> Your Result.