Hilton-towelIs this little hotel room presentation cute, or what?

A couple of weeks ago my colleague Katie and I went to an all-day meeting in Virginia Beach, VA where we stayed at a Hilton Garden Inn.

The property was well located, surrounded by perfect café and restaurant options. We received a pleasant welcome at check-in. And then I walked into my room and found this adorable display on the bed.

Now, quite honestly, I can’t tell you that the room itself — although perfectly adequate — was cleaner than usual, or nicer than a room offered by any comparably priced and marketed hotel chain. In fact, Katie and I both later commented that the bed and its bedding could actually use a little overhaul.

But finding the towel jacket and the complimentary mints and water gave me the feeling that guests really were welcome there, that they were even anticipated by the hotel staff with something akin to joy, and that they (I!) would be treated as special.

Language Counts Too

Now look closely at the housekeeper’s note that was tucked into the neckline of the little towel jacket. Many hotels use similar notes, but this one really stood out. The card read:


My name is         Sheryl         (Room Attendant)

I hope your stay here is most pleasant and your accommodations are just as nice as you want. Please call if anything is not to your complete satisfaction.

Come back and stay with us again soon.

It’s a pleasure to have you as a guest.

What a great tone! Here’s what I heard in the message and presentation:

“I want you to have what you want, so if you let me know that something is lacking, I’ll try to make it right for you. I care so much about your being here that I folded this little towel jacket just for you. Enjoy the complimentary mints and the water. I hope we’ve made a good enough impression that you’ll choose us again next time.”

Kudos to the manager of the Virginia Beach Hilton Garden Inn, the entire Hilton Garden Inn chain, the chain’s parent company, and whatever genius thought up the creative staging. It certainly did what it was meant to do. I’ll definitely consider staying at a Hilton Garden Inn again.